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"Akkala is located in the northeast corner of Hyrule. It is home to the Akkala Citadel, where the soldiers of the kingdom of Hyrule made their final stand during the Great Calamity. It is said that when the citadel fell, so too did the kingdom. With the citadel gone, the Guardians destroyed the villages located there. Only Robbie and his wife have lived in a permanent residence in the area since the Calamity. They can be found in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab on top of a high plateau. The region is distinguished by the stunning crimson leaves on its trees and its pristine nature. With Link's help, Hudson of Bolson Construction has recently established Tarrey Town, which has attracted residents of all races from across Hyrule."

Creating a Champion, page 285

Akkala is a province found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Akkala is located in the northeastmost part of Hyrule. Its neighboring provinces are Lanayru to the south and Eldin to the west. During the Great Calamity, Akkala was the last province to stand in the Hyrule Kingdom, but it fell too once the Akkala Citadel was taken over by Guardians.

Akkala is noted for its frequent rain and thunderstorms, being often overcast.




Tears of the Kingdom

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The Akkala Region is the most north-eastern region in Tears of the Kingdom.