Shadow Pass

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Shadow Pass is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Shadow Pass is a forest area, located right along the path north of the South Akkala Stable. The forest is very lively with a variety of wild-life. There are some more uncommon Razorshrooms growing around the base of some of the trees.

While venturing through the woods, Link will run into Chabi, a Hylian who is being attacked by a Blue Bokoblin. After saving her, she will give Link some Monster Extract. She will talk about Kilton, the owner of the Fang and Bone shop and suggests to Link that he travel northward to the Skull Lake, as Kilton is often found around there.

At the northwest end of the forest, there is a tall pine tree and if Link climbs up to the top, he'll find a Korok Seed.

At the northeast end of the Shadow Pass, down at the lower elevation, there is a Bokoblin camp with numerous Keese and Blue Bokoblin, one of which wields some Fire Arrows. At the top of the camp there is a barrel with a ChuChu hiding underneath it, as well as a treasure chest that holds a Purple Rupee.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Climb a tall pine tree and examine the glowing leaves to find the Korok.

Climb the tree and examine the fairy lights.