Lomei Labyrinth Island

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Lomei Labyrinth Island




Points of


Diamond Circlet, Travel Medallion (only in Master Trials DLC)


The Lomei Labyrinth Island is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The island is located at the far northeastern edge of map, within the Akkala Sea. Link can reach the island by using a Paraglider from near the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, or by using the Raft found at the North Akkala Beach. The actual island is a giant maze, similar to the North Lomei Labyrinth and South Lomei Labyrinth. It is filled with Guardian Skywatchers, Decayed Guardians, and Guardian Stalkers.

In order to actually enter the main part of the island, Link will need to have a lot of Stamina, or meals or elixirs that increase his stamina. It is a very tall climb and alternatively, Link can reach the island by using Revali's Gale, along with then climbing the rest of the way.


After finding and completing the Tu Ka'loh Shrine, several gates will disappear, also causing some wind geysers to show up. One of which is located immediately in front of the shrine. If Link carefully falls down this hole that appears, he'll reach an area underneath the maze. This area is littered with a variety of Guardians and an be quite dangerous. However, right in the center, there is a treasure chest that contains the Diamond Circlet.

As part of The Master Trials DLC, a second treasure chest will appear at the south end of the basement. The chest contains the Travel Medallion, which will complete the EX Teleportation Rumors! quest.

Trial of the Labyrinth

Main article: Trial of the Labyrinth

As soon as Link steps foot into the main part of the island, this will begin the Trial of the Labyrinth shrine quest. To solve this quest, Link will simply need to find the location of the Tu Ka'loh Shrine, located at the center-north of the shrine.

The pathway to the actual shrine is fairly simple. From the entrance of the maze, Link can run all the way forward and then left, entering the maze at the top-left portion of the open area. From there, Link can head north where there a metal block. After making a right turn, the path ends up at a ladder that Link can climb up. After climb up a series of staircases, Link will reach the shrine, completing the shrine quest.


Tu Ka'loh Shrine

Main article: Tu Ka'loh Shrine

The Tu Ka'loh Shrine is a blessing shrine. Link will find the Barbarian Helm in the treasure chest. Then he can meet with Tu Ka'loh to get a Spirit Orb.

Notable loot



File:Lomei Labyrinth Island map.png

Note: Grey indicates tunnels that are not visible on the in-game map. Orange indicates side openings above ground level.

Main building west entrance

File:Lomei Labyrinth Island building.png

Note: It is possible to take a shortcut to the shrine by climbing the wall after the first flight of stairs.