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Lomei Labyrinth Island



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The Lomei Labyrinth Island is a location found in Breath of the Wild. At the center of the labyrinth, the Tu Ka'loh Shrine can be found.

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File:Lomei Labyrinth Island map.png

Note: Grey indicates tunnels that are not visible on the in-game map. Orange indicates side openings above ground level.

Main building west entrance

File:Lomei Labyrinth Island building.png

Note: It is possible to take a shortcut to the shrine by climbing the wall after the first flight of stairs.


There are several entrances into the main building. The south side entrances will only open after you have reached and unlocked the Tu Ka'loh Shrine within. In order to reach the Shrine, you need to enter the main building through the opening in the west side.


Notable loot


After receiving the Spirit Orb from the Shrine, a shaft is opened in the floor in front of the Shrine. This shaft leads to a large room, colloquially called the Guardian Graveyard, beneath the entire labyrinth. A chest in the middle of the room contains a Diamond Circlet.

The room contains numerous dead Guardians as well as four Decayed Guardians and two Guardian Stalkers. They remain inactive until approached or until the chest is opened. On subsequent visits they will immediately respond to Link's arrival.

The room also contains the Travel Medallion from the first DLC.

There is an air vent beneath the shaft, allowing the Paraglider to be used to exit the basement.

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