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Tutsuwa Nima Shrine










Tutsuwa Nima Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Shrine Quest: The Spring of Power

Main article: The Spring of Power

Over at the East Akkala Stable, speak to Nobo and ask about This area? to start the quest. She explains that there is a special spring to the west and this will begin the Shrine Quest.

Link will need to acquire Dinraal's Scale in order to complete the quest. The easiest method is to head to the Tabantha Bridge Stable and skip ahead to the morning. Then run over to the Tabantha Great Bridge, as Dinraal will pass underneath it around 7am. Shoot Dinraal anywhere on his body, other than his horns, claws, or mouth in order to get one of Dinraal's Scale.

Bring the scale over to the Spring of Power and drop it into the water. This will cause the gate behind the statue to open, revealing the shrine and completing the quest.

A Major Test of Strength

Defeat the Guardian Scout IV, who wields a Guardian Sword++, Guardian Spear++, and a Guardian Shield++. Then open the chest to get a Flamespear. Walk up to the sheikah monk and speak with Tutsuwa Nima to get a Spirit Orb.


  • Keep in mind that the shrine is inside a chamber if you're using this shrine's travel gate to reach Deep Akkala. As such, you may unwittingly try to use Revali's Gale while inside it because the spring itself is otherwise open-aired; thus, exit the chamber before trying to go your way.