Shoda Sah Shrine

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Shoda Sah Shrine



Behind the waterfall of Riola Spring in Lake Floria








Shoda Sah Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


The shrine is behind the waterfall. Go to the bottom of the waterfall and swim to the right to find a tunnel leading to the shrine.

Impeccable Timing

When you enter the shrine, you will see five orbs in front of the start. There are two ways to complete this shrine. The normal way is to take the first orb and place it onto the launcher. Hit the shock switch at the right time so the orb doesn't hit the floating sideways platforms. When it enters the socket, it will trigger a chest containing a Small Key to launch near it. There will be another launcher at the right of the start. Do the same thing again to launch another chest containing five Ice Arrows.

The easier way is to use Cryonis blocks to transport the orbs to the sockets. If it is necessary, then you can use Stasis as well.

Hint: there are five orbs, but you will only need to use two of them. The extra three are for if the ball ends up missing, or you could retrieve it from the water like I did.

Use the Small Key to unlock the door at the end of the long hallway in the middle and collect the Spirit Orb.