Hila Rao Shrine

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Hila Rao Shrine

The Hila Rao Shrine, also known as Drifting, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Shrine Quest: Watch Out for the Flowers

Main article: Watch Out for the Flowers

Just outside the shrine itself, you will find Magda on the perimeter of the island. She will not let you enter the shrine if you touch any of the flowers. If you do, you will be taken back outside the circle of flowers. As soon as Link either steps on the flowers or talks with Magda, this will start the Watch Out for the Flowers quest. To complete the Shrine Quest, simply navigate the flower maze, or glide over the flowers using Revali's Gale. Once Link places the Sheikah Slate in the pedestal, the shrine quest will be complete.


Use the floating wooden platform to climb up to the ledge and continue onward. If needed, the floating platforms in this shrine can be stopped using Stasis.

In this next room there are three floating wooden platforms that can be crossed to reach the other side. Alternatively, Link can use Cryonis and cross the water by creating a series of Ice Blocks. There is also a treasure chest underwater that contains an Opal gem. Pull it up with Magnesis and cross the water.

In the last room, raise the treasure chest that is underwater using Cryonis and then climb up to find some Ice Arrows inside. Use Cryonis to give yourself a platform to stand on and then toss a Bomb to break the rocks. Run over to the altar to speak with Hila Rao and acquire the Spirit Orb.