Gee Ha'rah Shrine

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Gee Ha'rah Shrine







The Gee Ha'rah Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


The shrine is behind a pair of giant stone doors at the southeast end of the Kopeeki Drifts. Link can climb up to the northwest of the drifts where there are a bunch of small snowballs. Here he can drop them into the channels, which will cause them to roll down the hill, getting larger as they go. If a large snowball crashes into the stone door, it will knock it down, revealing the shrine.

While facing the giant doors, place the snowball in the second channel from the left to get the ball directly to the doors.


In the first room, use a Bow to shoot the rope above the dangling ball, causing it to drop down on the button, opening the gate ahead.

Turn to the left and you'll find a ball that is hung up by two ropes. Shoot the rope on the left with an Arrow, which will cause the ball to swing and his the button, opening the gate. Open the treasure chest to get a Diamond.

On the other side of the shrine there is another ball that is held together by two ropes. Freeze the ball in the air with Stasis and then quickly cut down both ropes. When the ball unfreezes, it will drop on the button, opening the gate. Run ahead to the alter and speak with Gee Ha'rah to get a Spirit Orb.