Dronoc's Pass

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Dronoc's Pass

The Dronoc's Pass is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Dronoc's Pass is located just northwest of Rito Village, right along the main path that leads to the Flight Range. The area is rather cold, so Link will need to wear some armor with Cold Resistance.

Sha Warvo Shrine

Main article: Sha Warvo Shrine

Also known as the Path of Hidden Winds, the shrine requires Link to use his Paraglider to glide up several updrafts. One of updrafts is hidden behind on the pillars at the higher elevation, which is where the shrine gets its title name. At the top of the shrine, Link can speak with Sha Warvo to get the Spirit Orb.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Put the rock in the well using Magnesis.

Put the rock in the well.