Pikida Stonegrove

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Pikida Stonegrove is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Pikida Stonegrove is found at the higher elevation, northwest of the Snowfield Stable. The area consists of massive stones that hang overhead, giving the region two levels, the plateaus above the stones, and the area down below. The Pikida Stonegrove is bitterly cold and Link will need to wear armor with Cold Resistance, such as the Snowquill Set, to survive without taking damage. Additionally, the area is under perpetual snowfall, limiting visibility in all directions. Throughout the area there are numerous ice blocks and if Link thaws them out, he will find several Korok Seeds.

On top of one of the higher stones at the east side of the Stonegrove, Link will find a Frost Talus. Link is unable to climb on top of a Frost Talus with his basic armor, as he will freeze. He can shoot the Frost Talus with a Fire Arrow, temporarily cooling him down so that he can climb up and fight the boss.

There a number of treasure chests in the region. Many are buried in the snow or trapped within ice blocks.

  • Sapphire - In a treasure chest that is trapped in an ice block, at the lower elevation at the west side of the stonegrove.
  • Knight's Bow - Trapped in an ice block, just north of the Rok Uwog Shrine at the lower elevation.
  • Gold Rupee - At the far north end of the region, well beyond where the snow overhang is. A treasure is hidden on the side of a cliff, behind some bombable rocks.
  • Knight's Halberd - Well northeast of Rok Uwog Shrine, in a treasure chest that is buried in the ground that Link can pull up with Magnesis.
  • Ice Arrows ×5 - In a chest east and a bit north of the Rok Uwog Shrine. The chest is on the higher plateau, buried in the snow.
  • Bomb Arrows ×5 - At the higher elevation on one of the tall stones, just southwest of the Frost Talus. The chest is buried in the snow.
  • Silver Rupee - At the south end of the stonegrove, near some trees. There are some bombable boulders on the cliff side with a treasure side found here.
  • Fire Arrows ×5 - In a wooden treasure chest near the flag pole at the far south end of the stonegrove.

Rok Uwog Shrine

Main article: Rok Uwog Shrine

At the lower elevation, at the northwest part of the stonegrove, the Rok Uwog Shrine can be found. Using the Drillshaft that is found in the shrine, Link can complete the simple obstacles and meet up with Rok Uwog to get a Spirit Orb.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Thaw the ice block on top of the stone platform and examine the fairy lights. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended

Melt the ice, examine the fairy lights. Note: The ice may melt so small you cannot see it under the snow. In the event this happens just continue melting in the area. Also, it is on top of the stone platforms.

Thaw the ice block and examine the glittering leaves. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended

Melt the ice, examine the fairy lights.

Stand near the pinwheel and shoot the acorn. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended

Stand near the pinwheel and shoot the acorn flying in front of some ice to the west.

Thaw the ice block and examine the fairy lights. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended

Melt the ice, examine the fairy lights.

Tears of the Kingdom

Pikida Stonegrove can be found at the east end of the Hebra Mountains. It is a very cold region that requires Link to have two levels of Cold Resistance in order to survive. Early on in the quest when the Blizzard is ravaging Rito Village, it will be perpetually snowing around the Pikida Stonegove.

Southeast of the Skyview Tower, Addison can be found holding up a Hudson Sign. Link can use the neaby Hyrule Restoration Materials to hold up the sign. As a reward Addison will give Link a Red Rupee, some Biting Meaty Rice Balls, and a Bomb Flower.

Just west of the Skyview Tower, there are some Zonai Ruins with some some enemy Soldier Construct IIs and a Captain Construct I. At the camp there is a chest with a Zonai Charge.

Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower

Main article: Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower

The Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower can be found atop Pikida Stonegrove. Unlike many of the other Skyview Towers, there is no problems with this particular tower. Link can simply arrive at the tower and activate it.

Korok Seeds

  • Just south of the Skyview Tower, there is Korok trying to reunite with his friend, who is up near the Skyview Tower. Link can use the planks nearby to reassemble the bridge, leading up to the tower. Bring the Koroks together to get a pair of Korok Seeds.
  • At the east end of the area, on the cliffside overlooking the North Tabantha Snowfield there is a stump. Step on it and glide down to the target to get the Korok Seed.


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