Cold Resistance

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Cold Resistance

Cold Resistance is an effect that Link can get that is almost crucial in finishing the game. Cold Resistance can be given either by armor, meals, elixirs, or heat-induced weapons.


Items that give cold resistance are: Warm Doublet, Snowquill Headdress, Snowquill Tunic, Snowquill Trousers, and the Ruby Circlet. If Link wears one piece of any of these, he will aquire Cold Resistance level 1, enough to survive in cool climates, however, he will need to equip two or more in order to reach level 2 resistance, which is required for even colder climates.

Meals & Elixirs

Link can add specific ingredients to his cooking to add a cold resistance buff to the end meal. These ingredients include the following:

Link can also make a Spicy Elixir to resist the cold, which requires either a Summerwing Butterfly or a Warm Darner to be added to a meal made with Monster Parts.

The more ingredients Link adds, the greater the level of cold resistance. See Cooking Statistics for more info.