Breath of the Wild is jammed-packed with additional downloadable content, all released throughout 2017. Most is contained within the purchasable Expansion Pass, which costs $19.99 USD / €19.99 / £17.99. Furthermore, a free update available to all players was released on November 9, 2017, which added an armor set inspired by Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

This page acts as a hub for all downloadable content, up to the current version (1.5.0).

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  • DLC Pack 1 Armor Locations
  • DLC Pack 2 Armor Locations
  • Travel Medallion Location
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Side Quest
  • Trial of the Sword Information

  • Expansion Pass – Bonus Chests

    The Expansion Pass released simultaneously with the game on March 3, 2017, and immediately gave the player access to three bonus chests on the Great Plateau. These chests are purple and gold, and have the golden letters EX marked to help differentiate them from regular chests. These chests contain extra goodies to help you at the beginning of the game. The contents of these are listed below, with a link to their locations on our Interactive Map.

  • Ruby – Outside the Oman Au Shrine – View on Map
  • Nintendo Switch Shirt – On the wall by the Ja Baij Shrine – View on Map
  • Bomb Arrows – On the collapsed wall behind the Keh Namut Shrine – View on Map

  • Expansion Pass – The Master Trials

    The first major piece of DLC was released for the game on June 30, 2017, and introduced many new features to enhance gameplay. These included new sets of Armor, a way to track Link’s movements, a more difficult game mode – hearkening back to Hero Modes of the past, and an enemy gauntlet, not dissimilar to the Cave of Ordeals from Twilight Princess.

    Trial of the Sword

    The Trial of the Sword is an enemy gauntlet which can be challenged in the Korok Forest, if the Master Sword has already been retrieved. If so, the Master Sword can be placed back in the pedestal, and you can begin the trials. It’s important to note that you will not be able to take any of your current items into trials; you will need to scavenge each floor for resources, akin to Eventide Island, though the use of Runes is permitted. There are over 45 floors of enemies in total, and the occasional rest spot is available to provide you with materials, pieces of armor, and food to help you along the way. There are three sections to the trial, the Beginning Trials, Middle Trials, and Final Trials, each scaling in difficulty. In Master Mode, all the enemies are tiered up one level, increasing the difficulty of these trials exponentially.

    For more information on the Trial of the Sword, with details of the contents of each floor, check out the wiki article here.

    Master Mode

    Master Mode is the more challenging version of the game introduced with this DLC pack. It changes the game in a variety of ways to make it more difficult:

  • Most enemies are tiered up to the next level, i.e. Red Bokoblins in Regular Mode will be replaced with Blue Bokoblins.
  • A new tier of enemy is unlocked: Golden. These enemies act in a similar way to Silver enemies, but have more health.
  • New Sky Platforms are in place around Hyrule, where enemies will attack from wooden platforms in the air.
  • The health of enemies will regenerate over time, including bosses.
  • Guardians may delay their attacks, making it more difficult to time a perfect guard.
  • Only one autosave spot is available.
  • A new loading screen is put in place, featuring a dark orange and black color scheme, with text reading Master Mode.
  • A small Triforce icon is present at all times in the bottom left of the screen.

  • Hero’s Path Mode

    This new mode can be accessed from the your map by pressing the X button. This brings up a new set of controls, and your movements are displayed in green: up to the past 200 hours (in-game time, not counting time spent in menus). This function can help you see where you have and haven’t been in the overworld, which can help you to find secrets such as hidden Shrines or Korok Seeds. For more details and images, check out the wiki article here.

    Travel Medallion

    A new item in the form of the Travel Medallion was introduced in this DLC pack, which allows for a warp point to be placed almost anywhere, which you can use to quickly warp to at a later date. This can be particularly useful for marking a location you wish to revisit later, or for farming tough enemies such as Lynels. It can be found at the back of the basement of the Lomei Labyrinth Island in the north-easternmost point of the map, in the Akkala region. Check out our Interactive Map for a more precise location.

    Masks and Armor

    This set of DLC added 9 new pieces of armor, hidden around Hyrule, inspired by previous entries in the Zelda series. This includes the Korok Mask, which sparkles and jingles whenever Link is near to a Korok seed, which makes it slightly less tough to find them. Clues are available in-game, but for a full guide on the locations and functions of each new piece of armor, click here.

    Expansion Pass – The Champions’ Ballad

    The second piece of major DLC was released after a reveal at The Game Awards 2017, on December 8, 2017. This pack focused more on storytelling, with 16 new Shrines for Link to face, with an overall story based on the four Champions present in the game. Additionally, a fifth Divine Beast was introduced, which pitted Link against a tough boss with an unorthodox reward in the form of the Master Cycle Zero. Furthermore, various new armors and horse gear were hidden around Hyrule for Link to discover.

    The Champions’ Ballad – Main Quest

    Five new Main Quests were introduced with this pack; the first of which is received after Link has completed all four Divine Beasts, and their respective Main Quests (i.e. Link has consolidated with the respective leaders after completing the four Divine Beasts). Link will then be summoned to the Shrine of Resurrection, and asked to place the Sheikah Slate back in its pedestal, and the Main Quest will initiate. For a full guide on the trials ahead, check out chapter 15 of our main walkthrough, which covers the trial of the One-Hit Obliterator, the songs of each Champion, and the Final Trial Divine Beast. Find it here.

    Masks and Armor

    As with the previous DLC pack, 9 new pieces of armor were introduced, in addition to a unique horse saddle and bridle. Again, all of these pieces of armor are scattered in chests around Hyrule, with clues being given to help you locate them. For information on the locations and uses of the new pieces of armor, head over to our guide here.

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Free DLC

    As previously mentioned, in November of 2017, a new set of armor was introduced, inspired by the protagonist’s outfit of the then-upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The armor is accompanied by short side-quests, which involve looking out to the night sky in certain locations for a red shooting star, which leaves behind a chest containing one of three pieces of armor. Subtle clues are given in-game, but for a detailed guide and more information on the armor, follow this link.