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Howling Stones are rocks from Twilight Princess where Link can howl as a wolf. There are seven total. All are used to sing duets with the Hero's Spirit and learn the location of the Hidden Skills, except for the one in the Sacred Grove, where Link howls Zelda's Lullaby. All of the songs from Howling Stones are from previous games in the series, aside from the very last one.

When Link howls at one of these stones, he is transported to a Ghostly Ether location, where the Hero's Spirit's Golden Wolf form is. He must howl the song a second time and then perform a duet. Once he finishes and returns to Hyrule, a symbol of the mystical wolf will appear on his map. If he goes to this symbol, he can learn a Hidden Skill.

Song Patterns

Outside Forest Temple - Ending Blow

[There is no howling stone for the ending blow, you just run into the golden wolf before you enter the forest temple]

Death Mountain - Shield Attack

Hiddenskills songs shield.jpg

Zora's River - Back Slice

Hiddenskills songs backslice.jpg

North Faron Woods - Helm Splitter

Hiddenskills songs helmsplitter.jpg

Lake Hylia - Mortal Draw

Hiddenskills songs mortaldraw.jpg

Snowpeak - Jump Strike

Hiddenskills songs jumpstrike.jpg

Hidden Village - Great Spin Attack

Hiddenskills songs greatspin.jpg