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The Sacred Grove is a location in Twilight Princess. It serves as a portal between it and the Temple of Time. The Sacred Grove was once the Temple of Time, but over a large period of time, trees grew, and the temple grew old, eventually turning into ruins. The only thing left after this was the Pedestal of Time, which holds the Master Sword. The puzzling woods, that make up a proportion of the Grove, bear many similarities to the Lost Woods from Ocarina of Time. Common enemies encountered in this area include Puppets, who attack in groups of four and respawn once they are defeated.


During the game, Zant casts a spell on Link, transforming him into a beast, meaning Link is now stuck in Wolf form. In order to return to normal, Link must obtain the Master Sword, “the blade of evil's bane.” Link is tasked with reaching this place by going through the forest.[1] Once investigating, a Monkey is seen running away from a group of Puppets. After Link defeats the Puppets, the Monkey hints at what is deep within the woods. Using Midna's jump ability, Link is able to reach the Deep Gorge. Once navigating through this area, he comes upon the entrance to the Sacred Grove. After howling near the Triforce, the Skull Kid appears, and the young hero pursues the troublesome imp. After hitting the Skull Kid enough times, he makes a path appear, leading to a new area. Here, Link is put to a test by the Sacred Grove Guardians.[2] Once Link has solved the puzzle, the path to the Master Sword is revealed, and the evil inside Link is purged due to the presence of the Master Sword.[3] Link now draws the Master Sword from the pedestal, revealing him to be the true master of the sword.[4]

Later on in the game, Link has to return to these Sacred Grounds. His goal, this time around, is to find the portal leading to the Temple of Time. Rusl tells the young hero about an ancient temple hidden deep within the forest.[5] After meeting with Rusl in Faron Woods, he calls upon his partner, a Golden Cucco.[6] Link, now in Hylian form, has to use the Cucco to traverse across the Gorge. Once he enters the Sacred Grove for the second time, he is again greeted by the Skull Kid. When Link has navigated his way through the puzzling woods, he comes across a new area. This area leads Link up onto a section overlooking the grounds. A dormant Sacred Grove Guardian is seen blocking the path to the temple. In order to move the guardian, Link needs to strike the pedestal with the Master Sword. After this, the guardian disappears, and the entrance to the Temple of Time is revealed.

There is also a Golden Bug in this area; it is located near the broken stairwell, leading to the upper section. There are also three Poes located within the Sacred Grove. One is located by where Link battles Skull Kid, the other is located on a platform in the woods, while the third Poe is located in the area with the pedestal.




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