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The Golden Cucco is a variation of the Cucco from The Minish Cap and Twilight Princess.

The Minish Cap

During later levels of Anju's Cucco Catching mini-game, Golden Cuccos will start appearing. Just like regular Cuccos, they must be thrown back into Anju's pen. Golden Cuccos are different from regular Cuccos, as they are much faster and more difficult to catch. They can also escape Link's grasp after a while, and must be picked up again. Link does not get any bonuses for putting Golden Cuccos back into the pen instead of regular ones.

Twilight Princess

The Golden Cucco is a special Cucco owned by Rusl. He can glide much further and faster than most Cuccos, is immune to damage, and cannot be controlled. If thrown, he will fly back up to Link. After Link obtains the second piece of the Mirror of Twilight, Rusl loans Link his Golden Cucco to fly across the Deep Gorge and into the Sacred Grove so he can reach the Temple of Time and obtain the third Mirror Shard.

After crossing the Deep Gorge, the Golden Cucco returns to where Link first picked it up, and remains there for the rest of the game.




  1. "Twinkle, twinkle, little Cucco... I am gold and not for you-oo..." — Golden Cucco, Twilight Princess.