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Jaggle (father)
Pergie (mother)
Talo (brother)

Malo is a character from Twilight Princess. He was born in Ordon Village and is the son of Jaggle and Pergie. He lives in the house with the Ordon Waterwheel attached, along with his parents and his brother, Talo. This house is also the location where Link finds the Ordon Shield. Malo has an older brother named Talo, who is strangely less mature than Malo himself. His tone of voice is often quiet and sarcastic when he speaks.

Malo Mart

Main article: Malo Mart

Later in the game, Malo opens a store in Kakariko Village to replace the general store and names the new store Malo Mart. After establishing himself in the business world, he aspires to take control of the over-priced shop in Castle Town. To do so, he must first enlist the help of Link to raise funds required to repair the bridge that connects Castle Town and Kakariko Village in the most convenient way. Then, he asks for even more money to buy-out the shop that was already established there. Link can reduce the price he needs to pay to buy out the shop by talking to the Goron Elder who sits outside Malo Mart. He asks Link to pour Hot Spring Water on the Goron sitting on the other side of the bridge. If Link makes it to the bridge with the Hot Spring Water, the Goron asks Link to pour the Hot Spring Water on to him. After Link has poured the Hot Spring Water all over the Goron, Link is rewarded with a Piece of Heart, less money to pay to buy out the shop in Castle Town, and a new shop will open that will sell Hot Spring Water.

Malo's prices are much better than the prices that the shop originally had. Often dropping hundreds of Rupees off of the original price, allowing Link to get the Magic Armor for the price of 598 Rupees, where as the previous shop sold it for 100,000 Rupees.




  1. "Malo, depicted here as a mischievous child, was popular among the development staff. As a result, he got his own in-game shop, the Malo Mart.", Hyrule Historia, pg. 181