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This article is about The Resistance member from Twilight Princess. For the Gerudo from Breath of the Wild, see Ashai.




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Ashei is a character from Twilight Princess. She is one of the members of Telma's Resistance group.

Twilight Princess

Ashei grew up in the mountains with her knight father, and is a skilled swordswoman from what he taught her. She doesn't seem to like the current Hyrule Soldiers very much, calling them "sorry excuses for Hyrule Soldiers". She knows much about mountains, being raised there, but is especially interested in why Snowpeak is controlled by evil.

When there have been beast sightings in Zora's Domain, that gives her an excuse to go and investigate Snowpeak Mountain. She wears a Yeti mask and sketches the Yeti (later being discovered as Yeto) as he comes down the mountain and takes a red fish, then gives the sketch to Link. The sketch eventually helps Link get an addition to his fishing rod and enter the next dungeon, Snowpeak Ruins. Later in the game, Ashei, along with the other resistance members, saves Link inside Hyrule Castle from an ambush of numerous enemies.