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Hot Spring Shop Owner






The Hot Spring Shop Owner is a character from Twilight Princess. He runs the Hot Spring Shop up on Death Mountain.

During Link's first journey through Death Mountain, the Gorons will be hostile towards Link, considering him a threat. However, the Hot Spring Shop Owner is the exception to this. He greets Link and welcomes him to his shop.[1] Link can pick up a replacement Wooden Shield, Lantern Oil, Milk, or some Arrows. However, if Link tries buying Arrows without the Bow, or if he tries buying them when his quiver is full, the shop owner will yell at him.[2]


  1. "Greetings, Brother! Pick up your hot-spring souvenirs right here! [+][>]" — Hot Spring Shop Owner, Twilight Princess.
  2. "Listen, Brother, you have no bow, so do not waste your time with arrows! Your quiver is full, Brother. Return when you use some arrows!" — Hot Spring Shop Owner, Twilight Princess.