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Member of

Fyer (Co-worker)



At the top of Lake Hylia

Falbi is a very tall and cheerful man who used to work in a circus. He appears only in Twilight Princess, where he works together with his partner, Fyer, to successfully run his flight game, called Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl. It is located at the top of Lake Hylia and allows Link to fly a Cucco all the way down to Lake Hylia. Link can reach numerous previously unaccessable locations from here including two locations that house a Piece of Heart. One of the Cuccos in Ordon Village mentions Falbi's flight game when spoken to as Wolf Link. It is believed that one of the cuccos in Kakariko Village left Lake Hylia because he was unhappy with his previous master. However, when speaking to all the other cuccos that Link can use in the flight game, they all seem to be in good spirits and have no complaints about Falbi.


  • There is some concept art in Hyrule Historia that shows Falbi as a female, not a male like in the final version. It is unknown if Fyer and Falbi were meant to be lovers.[1]


  1. "In the concept art shown here, Fyer is male, as he is in his final design. Falbi, however, is female. It is unclear if they were meant to be lovers or husband and wife.", Hyrule Historia, pg. 186