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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ジョバンニ (Giovanni)
Italy Italiana Giovanni

Jovani is a character from Twilight Princess. He is a man frozen inside his own body, being unable to move. He asks Wolf Link for his help because he has sold his soul to a Poe for endless wealth. The Poe granted his wish, but this wish turned Jovani himself into a gold statue with flashing gems for eyes. Jovani realizes that he would rather have life than money, and wishes to become human again.[1]

Jovani teaches Link how to search for and defeat all the Imp Poes so he can become human again.

When Link brings him 20 Poe Souls, he regains mobility, but is still made of gold. Still not wanting to be seen in this condition, he gives Link a bottle of Great Fairy's Tears as a motivation to continue. In Twilight Princess HD, he also gives him the Ghost Lantern at this point to aid in finding the remaining Poes.

Once Link defeats all 60 Poes and brings all their souls to Jovani, he becomes human again. Unfortunately, an attempt to reunite with his girlfriend leads him to discover she found a new man while he was a gold statue.

His cat, Gengle, had also been frozen on his head, happily returns to being the leader of all the city cats, and gives Link 200 Rupees every time he enters Jovani's House.



  1. "Jovani... Jovani... Idiotic troll... Blinded by his greed, the imps took his soul... And even today, somewhere he stays, though he's a grown-up... Wah! Sniff! He moans...UH!", Twilight Princess.