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Bargainer Statues are stone golems found in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom

Bargainer Statues are found mainly in The Depths. They claim that Poes are "spirits that ought to return to the afterlife. They are pitiful beings who have lost their way home and wander this land." and that they merely return "all Poes to the afterlife without prejudice."

The first Bargainer Statue encountered in-game is likely to he one one located in Josha's research hut at Lookout Landing, which quietly calls "Poes..." and does nothing more initially until A Call from the Depths is complete. Later, it accepts one Poe to restore its power in return for a Dark Clump, and then begins to offer trades for materials and armour, as below. It also offers the locations of a random member of its brethren - the first for 10 Poes, subsequent ones for 100 Poes.

Activated Bargainer Statues are vendors that trade for Poes. Certain materials are always purchasable: Dark Clumps (10 Poes), Muddle Buds (16), Puffshrooms (16) and Bomb Flowers (16).

In addition, they trade Poes for two sets of armour: the Dark Set (650 total) and the Hero of the Depths Set (650 total), plus a recreation of the Breath of the Wild Champion's Tunic (as the "Tunic of Memories"). These are created as Link encounters Bargainer Statues:

Stock levels are specific to Bargainer Statues - if one buys the Tunic of the Depths from the Lookout Landing statue, it is no longer available from them; but is still available from the Plains Bargainer Statue.

Depths Bargainer Statues also resell any amiibo armor sets Link has obtained, whether received through the amiibos or in the world (400 each piece), and any amiibo weapons whether received through the amiibos or in the world (150 each). The Lookout Landing Bargainer Statue is an exception, and sells only the Depths materials, Dark Set, Hero of the Depths Set, and Tunic of Memories.

A Call from the Depths

Main article: A Call from the Depths

A Bargainer Statue hijacks the Temple of Time Ruins' Goddess Statue to claim "I am trapped...under the water...behind the stone gate...of the great plateau..." if Link attempts to pray to it. The small statue in question is in the lake in the north-east corner of the plateau, near the Great Plateau North Chasm. Link must drop down from the plateau to Hyrule Field and destroy the cracked rocks holding the water in. The small statue will then direct Link back to the Goddess Statue, where it thanks Link for freeing part of it. It tells him that it "speak[s] to you now from the Depths below in the guise of this statue", and directs him to find the four eyes near the four chasms on the Great Plateau, and he should take them to the depths and return them to it.

If Link does so, in the Great Abandoned Central Mine, he is offered the choice of a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel as thanks. After Link chooses, it then opens for business, trading Poes for materials and armor; and also tells him to "Seek [its] brethren... If you do so, you may receive further blessings."

Once complete, the Goddess Statue in the Temple of Time Ruins returns to being a normal Goddess Statue, where one can trade Lights of Blessing or Sage's Wills to Hylia for Heart Containers, Stamina Vessels and Solemn Vows.


  • While there are seven Bargainer Statues, only two (the Plains and Cliff Bargainer Statues) are identified as map locations in their own right.