Horned Statue

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Horned Statue

The Horned Statue appears in Breath of the Wild within Hateno Village. It is similar in appearance to the small Goddess Statues, but is black in color, has horns, and appears to be wearing a cloak.

The statue is located near Firly Pond in close proximity to Link's House at the southwest portion of Hateno Village. This statue is used for converting Hearts into Stamina and vice versa. When Link wants to convert his 'essence' into a different container, the Horned Statue will pay 100 Rupees for giving the essence, but in order to receive a new essence, Link will have to pay 120 Rupees. In total, it costs 20 rupees to change essences.

Link can find a small child by the name of Teebo who is playing around near the west end of Hateno Village. When Link talks to him, Teebo mentions that he found something neat and he will lead Link to the statue.[1][2][3] Teebo is surprised when he finds that Link is able to talk to the Horned Statue, calling Link a weirdo.[4]

The Statue's Bargain

Main article: The Statue's Bargain

When Link talks to the statue, it will unlock a side quest called The Statue's Bargain. The Horned Statue mentioned that its life-for-money bargains did not sit well with the Goddess Hylia, so he was trapped inside of this statue a long time ago. The statue is neglected in town, with the villagers not even taking the time to clean it off from bird droppings. Despite this, the Horned Statue has waited patiently for somebody like Link to come around so that he can strike a bargain.[5]

The Horned Statue will take one of Link's "essences" away.[6] If he speaks to the Horned Statue again, Link can ask for the essence back.[7] The statue will allow him to choose either a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel.[8]

The first time Link exchanges for a different essence, there will be no cost. Once Link has completed the first exchange, this will complete The Statue's Bargain side quest.[9]

Exchange Total Prices

The complete amount of vessels awarded to Link is 34, which can be distributed between Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels. Only one of those two totals can be maxed out upon completion, as 37 spaces are available (24-27 heart containers OR 7-10 stamina Vessels), plus an additional space awarded by playing The Champions' Ballad. This does not affect the prices of containers that the Horned Statue handles, which are priced as such:

Transaction Price per vessel Total Cost for 34 vessels
(+1 from DLC)
Purchasing -120 Rupees -4080 Rupees
(-4200 Rupees)
Selling 100 Rupees 3400 Rupees
(3500 Rupees)
Exchange -20 Rupees -680 Rupees
(-700 Rupees)

As such, since Link interacts with the Statue at a loss, it's important to have enough Rupees for the exchange, especially when dealing with a large quantity of hearts. Given the circumstance that Link ends up being short on Rupees, East Wind and the Ventest Clothing Boutique are the closest stores where materials can be sold.



  1. Hey, mister! You'll never guess what I found! Wanna see? 'Kay! Follow me! - Teebo
  2. It's this way! - Teebo
  3. Here it is! Neat, huh? It looks kinda like the statue at the chief's house... What do you think it is? - Teebo
  4. Um... Were you talking to that statue? Wow! You talk to statues?! Weird! OK. See you! - Teebo
  5. No, eh? Fa ha ha... If you say so. Just know that I'm willing to strike a bargain with anyone who can hear my voice. A dealer in life and power... That was me, once. Alas, my life-for-money bargains didn't sit well with the Goddess Hylia. She trapped me in this stone statue long, long ago. The villagers here call me the Horned Statue and don't even bother to wipe away the bird droppings. One would think years upon years of such treatment would have made me mend my ways... One would think wrongly. I have only been biding my time for the moment someone who can hear me appears. Someone such as you. But I've said enough. Now then, shall we strike a bargain? Then stay that way. No further action on your part is required. - Horned Statue
  6. Fa ha ha... My touch is as subtle as ever... Note how I took that essence from you without leaving a mark. - Horned Statue
  7. What's wrong, then? Have your prayers gone unanswered? - Horned Statue
  8. Fa ha ha... Did you think I'd deceived you? Perish the thought. I hope that ours will be a long and profitable relationship. So which will it be? As I may have mentioned once or twice, I'm a dealer in life and power. I can provide a valuable service to you. I take Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels from you...and then, for a price, return whichever of the two you like. - Horned Statue
  9. You look skeptical. Not to worry. Money and life are all as one to me. If you're ready to begin, then first you mess sell me either type of essence for 100 rupees. If you want to buy an essence back, the price rises to 120 rupees. Before you cry foul, know that you may choose which one I return to you: a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel. I'm eager to help tamper with your essence anytime you want to return and pray here. - Horned Statue