A Deal With the Statue

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A Deal With the Statue



Discover the Royal Hidden Passage


Speak with the Horned Statue




Ability to trade Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels




A Deal With the Statue is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


In order to trigger the start of this quest, Link will need to have completed one of the four major dungeons in the Overworld, which will give him access to the Royal Hidden Passage.


Link can enter the Royal Hidden Passage from the Emergency Shelter, beneath Lookout Landing. Once inside the cave, Link can break down some boulders and he'll find the Horned Statue. The statue will initially steal one of Link's Heart Containers.

Link can talk to the Horned Statue again and ask to get his Heart Container back. He can choose to get back a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel. Whichever Link chooses, the Horned Statue will give it back to him. At this point forward, Link can sell a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel back to the Horned Statue for 100 Rupees. He can then choose to get one of them back, but at the cost of 120 Rupees. So each exchange will cost Link 20-net rupees. After getting back the initial heart container or stamina vessel, this will complete the quest.

Adventure Log

Step Description
The Horned Statue you met in the Royal Hidden Passage stole one of your Heart Containers before offering you some sort of deal.

Perhaps you can get your essence back by bargaining with it.
The Horned Statue returned the essence it stole from you. It claims to be open to further essence-related bargains. It will buy your Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels for 100 rupees and sell back your choice of either of them for 120 rupees.