A Wife Wafted Away

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A Wife Wafted Away
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Speak with Fronk in Zora's Domain after completing Sidon of the Zora


Find Mei





A Wife Wafted Away is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


After completing the Sidon of the Zora main quest, Link must speak with Fronk in Zora's Domain.


After speaking with Fronk in Zora's Domain, Link must go to Wellspring Island to find Mei. She is standing next to a Campfire and Hydrant. Speak with her and she will return to Zora's Domain. Speak with Fronk and Mei in Zora's Domain to receive a Hearty Fish Skewer.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Fronk is very worried that his wife, Mei, went fishing somewhere dangerous. When he last saw her, Mei was crossing a bridge in the east of the domain, singing about hopping and skipping to a floating place. Search for Mei for her husband's sake.
You found Mei on a sky island above Zora's Domain. It seems she had become obsessed with catching the floating island's fish. When you told her that Fronk was worried sick, she hurried back to Zora's Domain.
Frank was overjoyed that his wife returned safely. After this experience, Mei once again realized that Fronk's worry for her is a sign of how much he cares, and their adoration of each other has grown deeper still as a result.