Fish for Fletching

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Fish for Fletching
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Speak with Bedoli in Rito Village


Give Bedoli 3 Glowing Cave Fish


10 Arrows



Fish for Fletching is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


After completing Tulin of Rito Village, talk to Bedoli to start the quest. She'll tell Link that the Rito are stockpiling food and materials[1], and asks Link if he happens to have some spare food to trade[2] for arrows. She's specifically looking for three Glowing Cave Fish[3].

After the quest is done, Bedoli will be willing to trade arrows for Chillfin Trout and Brightcaps as well[4]. She'll offer a trade of three Glowing Cave Fish, three Chillfin Trouts, or five Brightcaps, for 10 arrows and Link can either accept or pass. She will not change the trade until Link accepts.


Complete Tulin of Rito Village.


  • After completing the Wind Temple, go to (-3655, 1763, 320) to find Bedoli.
  • She wants three Glowing Cave Fish to help them rebuild their food stockpiles after the blizzard.
    • Glowing Cave Fish can be found swimming in most caves and wells with standing water.
  • Give Bedoli the three Glowing Cave Fish to receive 10 Arrows.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Bedoli is struggling due to the lack of food around Rito Village. She's offered you a trade: bring her three glowing cave fish, which can be caught in caves, and she'll give you 10 arrows.

It couldn't hurt to keep an eye out for the fish during your travels.
You gave Bedoli three glowing cave fish and received 10 arrows in return. She offered to expand the agreement as well—now she'll offer arrows not just for glowing cave fish, but also for the chillfin trout and brightcaps that the Rito children crave.


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  4. "Oh, yes! Do you have any other spare food on you? Chillfin trout and brightcaps are the little ones' favorite foods, so we can never get enough around here. If you come across extra of either of those, bring them to me and I'll give you more arrows in exchange." — Bedoli, Tears of the Kingdom