The White Bird's Guidance

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The White Bird's Guidance
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Speak with Laissa in Rito Village





  • After completing Tulin of Rito Village, talk to Laissa to start the quest. She'll tell Link about a cave she found while chasing a white bird resting atop the shadow of Vah Medoh's perch[1][2].
  • Go to Vah Medoh's perch at the very top of Rito Village, the bit jutting out of the rock. Light a campfire and wait until morning. Look to the west to find the shadow of the perch. Just to the right of the shadow, you'll see a patch of snow that looks just like a bird.
  • Go to the patch of snow looking like a bird to find the cave entrance to West Lake Totori Cave. Make your way through the cave to Wao-os Shrine, and activate the shrine to complete the quest.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Laissa, a resident of Rito Village, can't seem to recall the location of a cave she found a while back. When you asked what she could remember about it, she said that she saw a white bird sitting atop the shadow of Vah Medoh's perch at early morning. When she tried to go after it, the bird was gone, and in its place was the entrance to a cave.
You found the cave entrance that had slipped from Laissa's memory. It seems that the spot was marked by a patch of snow in the shape of a bird, found atop the tip of the shadow of Vah Medoh's perch at early morning.

Inside the cave, you found a Shrine of Light.


  1. It's much easier now to find caves where we can gather food! I saw one just the other day, in fact, while I was flying around...but I forgot exactly where it was. It had a rock wreathed in green light inside it, just like the one beneath the general store. Just where did I see that cave, anyway? I found it while I was looking for that white bird...Laissa
  2. Have you ever looked up at the peak of the spire here in Rito Village? That bit jutting out sideways looks kind of like a bird's perch, right? We call it Vah Medoh's perch. . . . That day, I was getting some sun up on the perch, same as always, just when the dawn was breaking. Right about then...I looked to the west and saw a white bird resting atop the long shadow of the perch. Thing is, I couldn't find the white bird again after that. Instead, I found a cave entrance.Laissa