Who Finds the Haven?

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Who Finds the Haven?




Speak with Nat outside the Snowfield Stable


Defeat enemies at Mount Drena Foothill Cave



Who Finds the Haven? is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Link must have completed the pre-requisite quests Cave Mushrooms That Glow and The Captured Tent.

When Link turns in The Captured Tent, he receives this Side Quest from Nat and Meghyn.


After completing The Captured Tent, Link will receive Who Finds the Haven? from Nat and Meghyn. They give a clue on where to find a hidden mushroom haven, the key words being 'Sturnida Basin', 'Pond', and 'Source of the Steam'. The area Link will have to travel to next is northwest of Rospro Pass Skyview Tower, specifically the Sturnida Springs Cave at the Sturnida Secret Hot Spring.

Upon entering the cave, Link will find Nat and Meghyn talking, stating that they believe that they are close to the haven, as the cave fulfils many of the clue's requirements. [1][2][3] After the conversation, the two split up and Link can speak with them individually. Meghyn takes things slow and cautiously, while Nat runs ahead trying to find the haven quickly. [4][5]

Nearby Nat is a breakable rock wall. After breaking through there will be a small drop with a boulder against the ledge. Directly next to the boulder, after dropping down, is a small gap that Link is able to crouch through. After a very short distance, a room full of bright crystals and mushrooms opens up. Nat and Meghyn find Link as he enters the room. [6][7][8][9][10][11]

Adventure Log

Step Description
Nat and Meghyn read the following clue in a field guild: "Vapirs drift over Sturnida Basin, near a pond in Hebra. At the source of the stream lies a bright mushroom haven."

Using this clue, they are searching Hebra for the mushroom haven. But where could it be?
After searching the deepest reaches of Sturnida Springs Cave, you found the mushroom haven that Nat and Meghyn were looking for.

The pair are happy with themselves for finding the place, but a bit vexed you found it first. Having achieved their goal, they've set off to search for more mushrooms.


  1. Hey Meghyn... I know we're in the right place. No doubt about it. - Nat
  2. No doubt, Nat... It's got to be here. Drifting steam? A secret hot spring? This is the place! Except... Not super "bright," is it? - Meghyn
  3. Nope. Good point! OK, so maybe it's not HERE, here. But that doesn't mean it's not close. Somewhere down here must be our shining mushroom haven. All we have to do now... is find it! Let's go, Meghyn! - Nat
  4. Hmm! This cave looks decidedly normal. And dark. I'm not seeing the bright place we're looking for... Whoa, it's you? So you're searching for the mushroom haven too? Well then! I guess it's a competition- a race to find the mushroom haven! Unluckily for you, Meghyn and I hunt mushrooms for a living. There's no way you'll beat us! - Nat
  5. Classic Nat... Charging ahead while I take it slow, collecting mushrooms as I go... Whoa! You? Are you searching for the mushroom haven too? You're in the right place, or near it. It should be down here somewhere. Nat... Well, Nat went ahead to find it without me. - Meghyn
  6. Aaah! This is it! The bright mushroom haven from the field guide! How totally, completely amazing! The temperature and humidity are perfect for them to grow. And there are so many different types flourishing here! This truly is a haven for mushrooms! A haven! And here we are, standing right in the middle of it! - Nat
  7. The mushroom haven... actually exists! That message in the field guide was right! And it's as wonderful as we thought. Definitely worth all the effort. - Meghyn
  8. It's just a shame we couldn't be the first to discover this place. I hate to say it...but as the person who found it, you earned the mushrooms here fair and square. That's OK! It's amazing enough just seeing it with our own eyes. As mushroom hunters, what more could we really ask for? Meghyn, come on! Don't just stand around and gawk in wonder. Let's go! - Nat
  9. Huh? Go where, Nat? - Meghyn
  10. Can't you hear them? Mushrooms, all over the world! Calling to us! Now that we've found the mushroom haven, I feel recharged and ready for another adventure! No time to waste. This world's filled with mushrooms, and we've gotta see them all! Take care now, OK? And if you run into us again, you better say hi! - Nat
  11. Honestly, Nat! No need to scare the guy... Thanks for everything. And like she said, take care! - Meghyn