The Sky Mine Crystal

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The Sky Mine Crystal




Arrive at Sky Mine


Examine the Gikaku Shrine entrance


Bring the Rock Over to the Shrine


Access to Gikaku Shrine



The Sky Mine Crystal is a Shrine Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Mysterious voice told Link that if he bring the crystal to the Shrine of Light, he'll get the Light of Blessing.

The crystal is located at the end of the ray of green light. Follow the ray and carry the crystal over to the shrine.


  • The crystal is located at the Luminous Stone Island which is located high above the shrine. There are multiple ways of getting there.
  • The easiest way is to use Zonai Devices to build a flying vehicle (for example a ballon). With it, you can reach the right elevation to fly to the island on your Paraglider.
  • You can also use the launchers. Each cross-shaped island's got one of them. To activate them, simply look west from the shrine. You'll see a circle with dragons, that you can activate. Walk to it and do so. After activating the launchers use the wheel to rotate the launchers so you can launch yourself to the next Sky Island.
  • Use the other wheels to rotate rest of the launchers. There are also Soldier Constructs on the islands, that will shoot you with a rocket arrow. You don't need to fight them.
  • Near the third launcher, you'll see a bunch of large cubes. Rotate the launcher so it points at the Luminous Stone Island. Launch the cube first, so the floating block will get out of way. Then, launch yourself.
  • After getting to the crystal, drop it on the north side of the island and then jump immediately. It will land near the shrine, but if it bounced off the island, use Recall to get it back.
  • Bring the crystal to the shrine to finish this quest.

Gikaku Shrine

Main article: Gikaku Shrine

The Gikaku Shrine itself is one of Rauru's Blessings. Inside there is a single treasure chest that holds a Ruby. Walk over to the altar to get a Light of Blessing.

Adventure Log

Step Description
It seems that you can enter a Shrine of Light if you offer up a crystal.

Follow the ray of light, and offer up the crystal at the shrine.

You offered up a crystal and can now enter the Shrine of Light at the Sky Mine.

Enter the shrine in order to acquire the Light of Blessing.