Tulin of Rito Village

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Tulin of Rito Village





Arrive at Rito Village and speak with Tulin, Teba & Saki


Dispel the blizzard afflicting Hebra by destroying Colgera in the Wind Temple





Tulin of Rito Village is a Main Quest found in Tears of the Kingdom.


A strong cold front is affecting Hebra, lowering temperatures, triggering a blizzard and causing major problems for the inhabitants, such as the Rito. When Link arrives at Rito Village, he finds it snowed in and most of the adults away scavenging for food, with services such as the Slippery Falcon, Brazen Beak and Swallow's Roost being run by the Rito's children in the absence of the adults. Right as he arrives, Molli, Genli and Notts are singing the Song of the Stormwind Ark, a legend about an ark that saved Rito Village in the distant past. With practice over, the kids return to their self-assigned tasks.

When Link reaches Revali's Landing, he finds Tulin arguing with his parents Teba - the new Village Elder, replacing the retired Kaneli - and Saki, claiming that he could investigate the source of the blizzard. When Teba refuses, he flies off.

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  • When Link first arrives at Rito Village he can travel to the top of the village to find Tulin, along with Teba and Saki. After Tulin flies off, Teba guides Link to a pair of bonfires to the north. Here Link will find Harth in the Hebra Trailhead Lodge.
  • Harth guides Link to climb the nearby ladders and run ahead to the next bonfire, where he'll find Cecili. She points Link further north to another campfire. Even further up the summit is a much larger bonfire. Link can head there to find the Hebra South Summit Cave.
  • Link will catch up with Laissa who says that Tulin is further up ahead with Gesane. The Hebra South Summit Cave is filled with Thorns that can be burned with Fire Fruits. Link will need to use his Paraglider to glide up air geysers throughout the cave. At one point, in a large vertical room, Link will need to create a fire and drop a Hylian Pine Cone, allowing him to glide up further in the air.
  • At the end of the cave, Link will meet Gesane, who mentions that Tulin flew up ahead. He guides Link to travel to the lone cedar tree, located at the very top of Talonto Peak. Traveling up to the top of Talonto Peak can be a bit difficult as there is a Boss Bokoblin along the way. Once Link reaches the peak, he'll find Tulin.
  • Tulin is upset because an enemy stole his Bow. Tulin will then accompany Link for the foreseeable future. Tulin has a unique Power of Wind, which gives him the ability to create a strong gust of wind. Link can control when Tulin uses these gusts, and then use them along with the Paraglider to glide across much greater distances.
  • Create a gust with Tulin and then glide over to the enemy with the Paraglider. Use an arrow to shoot down the Aerocuda, which causes it to drop the bow, which Tulin will recover. However, more enemies will then appear. Link can battle alongside Tulin to fight off the Bokoblin.
  • After defeating the enemies, the two will be joined by Harth and Gesane. Tulin at this point then mentions that he saw Princess Zelda getting attacked by a monster, but then she zoomed up above the cloud. At that point, Harth encourages Link and Tulin to investigate the cloud. Harth mentions that only Tulin has the abilities necessary to enter the cloud. Tulin mentions that he saw Zelda near the Sky Islands by Hebra Peak.
  • Make the journey up to Hebra Peak and Link will encounter Huck. Using Tulin's Power of Wind, Link can glide over to the floating islands up ahead. From there, Link is able to use Ascend to climb up the tower-like structure. The two will eventually arrive at the Rising Island Chain in the Hebra Mountains Sky.
  • Run ahead and Tulin will spot a floating boat. The two will hear a voice coming form the storm up above, along with seeing a massive boat. This reminds Tulin of the Song of the Stormwind Ark.
  • The journey through the Rising Island Chain is filled with battles with numerous Soldier Constructs. Link will repeatedly need to use Tulin's Power of Wind to reach distant platforms and other islands. Link will also regularly make use of the Ascend ability. Eventually Tulin and Link reach the Kahatanaum Shrine. From there, Link and Tulin will bounce across numerous small floating boats to reach the very top of the cloud. After diving in, they will arrive at the Stormwind Ark, the Wind Temple.
  • Tulin and Link will use a combination of Link's abilities, and Tulin's gust ability, to start the gears on the center platform and open the hatch. This reveals the boss, Colgera, whom Link defeats.
  • Tulin's ancestor and the previous Sage of Wind reveals himself, granting Tulin his powers and making Tulin the new Sage of Wind. Link and Tulin fly back to Rito Village, where Teba gives Tulin his prized Bow and acknowledges him as a true warrior.

Adventure Log

Step Description
A severe blizzard has struck Rito Village, leaving it in crisis. Teba had no information for you concerning Princess Zelda, but he suggested you ask Harth at a nearby lodge.

This lodge is north of the village at the foot of Hebra Mountains, and it's marked by a pair of bonfires.
Harth had no leads on Princess Zelda either. He suggested you speak to Tulin, who has been scouting the skies since the fierce blizzard began.

Harth said that Tulin went to the Hebra South Summit Cave with Gesane and Laissa. Its entrance is marked with another bonfire.
Tulin was not at the cave when you went out to find him. Gesane told you that he left Hebra South Summit Cave and went toward the lone cedar tree on Talonto Peak, visible to the north.

According to Gesane, he saw a group of monsters and gave chase alone.
Upon reaching the lone cedar tree, you found an upset Tulin. He told you that a flying monster stole his bow.

It's up to you to defeat the monster and get Tulin's bow back.
You defeated the Aerocuda and recovered Tulin's bow. But before the two of you could leave, more Aerocudas arrived-this time flinging Bokoblins at you.

Work with Tulin to defeat the monsters.
Tulin's recent ordeal has taught him a valuable lesson about working together. Even Harth can see that the young Rito has matured.

Go with Tulin to the sky islands above Hebra Peak, where he claims he saw Princess Zelda.
Though you didn't find Princess Zelda where Tulin said she'd be, you heard a disembodied voice say, "Come to me." Inside the cloud, you discovered a great ship, which looks just like the one from the Song of the Stormwind Ark.

Is this mysterious voice guiding Tulin into the cloud?
You found a massive ship, which Tulin says is the Stormwind Ark, floating inside the thunderhead. A figure greatly resembling Princess Zelda was seen on the ship's deck before she vanished suddenly. The blizzard, which shows no sign of abating, is coming from below the hatch. The cause of the Rito's suffering seems close at hand.
You tried using the terminal, but the deck's hatch did not open. The mysterious voice then spoke to you again, saying the hatch will remain shut until all five locks are unlocked.

Find the five locks the voice spoke of to save Rito Village from the never-ending blizzard and to get a lead on Princess Zelda's whereabouts.
You've opened all five locks on the ship using a combination of Link and Tulin's abilities.

Defeat the monster that appears to save yourselves and end the blizzard.
You've defeated Colgera and ended the blizzard!

Tulin gains his ancestor's power and becomes the Sage of Wind, allowing Link to use his power at any time.

Teba acknowledges his son as a true warrior, and gives him his prized bow.