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Brazen Beak






Brazen Beak is an Armor Shop in Rito Village from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The store is run by Nekk and it is third business in the village as Link scales the village, after the Swallow's Roost and The Slippery Falcon. The shop, which goes by the slogan, We've got you covered!, has three items for sale, including the complete Snowquill Set. The Brazen Beak is the only place where Link can find the Snowquil Set and it is almost essential if Link is to venture into the cold Hebra region to the north.

After Link has purchased all of the armor from the Brazen Beak, Nekk will encourage Link to visit the Kochi Dye Shop over at Hateno Village, where Link can dye his clothing. Nekk suggests to Link that maybe he should buy another Rito outfit and dye it a different color.[1]

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  1. Looks like you already have the whole Rito getup! That's great and all, but what am I supposed to offer you now? Oh! I heard there's a village somewhere that can dye your clothes and armor different colors. So you can always buy another Rito outfit and dye it another color. Color coordination is serious business! - Nekk