Talonto Peak

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Talonto Peak is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Talonto Peak is a higher elevation, found at the northeast end of the Hebra South Summit. Outside of the Hebra Peak, found just to the northeast, the Talonto Peak is the highest point in the region. There is a spiral pathway that Link can climb up to reach the peak where he'll find a very tall pine tree. However, unlike most peaks of hills and mountains, there are no goods to collect at the top of the tree.

The Bird in the Mountains

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After speaking with Molli, the young pink-featured Rito at Rito Village, she will point Link towards the Talonto Peak. From there, if Link glides off the mountain to the northwest, towards the Biron Snowshelf, he will see the Mozo Shenno Shrine within a cave.

Nearby Korok Seeds

Thaw the ice and examine the fairy lights.

Melt the ice, examine the fairy lights.

Destroy the acorn in the hollow of the tree log.

Shoot the acorn.

Shoot the balloon that hangs high up under a cliff.

Shoot the balloon underneath the overhang.