To Quomo Shrine

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To Quomo Shrine










To Quomo Shrine, also known as To Quomo's Blessing, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


This shrine is located inside a cave beneath the Hebra North Summit. To find the entrance, head to the small pond on the map, just east of Hebra North Summit. Use Cryonis to create a pair of Ice Blocks, creating a bridge over the small pond. Then run to the east and on the higher ledge, you'll find a large snowball. Drop it down, so it rolls down the hill, across the bridge of ice blocks, slamming into the door. This will cause it to knock down, revealing the entrance to the Hebra Great Skeleton. The shrine is located right in the center of the cave.

Don't bother using small snowballs because they won't build up enough snow or momentum to clear the pond, and may get stuck between the rocky edges and the Cryonis blocks.

Once forced open, the cave's doors will remain downed for further access, as there are additional quests and a Korok Seed involved.

To Quomo's Blessing

The shrine itself is a blessing, with a single treasure chest that has a Royal Claymore. Walk over to the altar to meet with To Quomo and get a Spirit Orb.