Bosh Kala Shrine

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Bosh Kala Shrine



Southwest of the Proxim Bridge near the West Necluda / Hyrule Field border








Bosh Kala Shrine, known as The Wind Guides You, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


The shrine can be found in the Dueling Peaks Tower region, located just south of the East Post Ruins and west of the Proxim Bridge. Given its location right along the path that heads east towards, it is likely intended to be one of the very first shrines Link comes across after leaving the Great Plateau. The shrines serves almost as a further introduction to how Link can utilize the Paraglider.

The Wind Guides You

Climb the stairs on the left and use the wind and the paraglider to reach the treasure chest on the other side of the room to find an Amber gem. Climb the stairs that are straight ahead and use the wind current on the left to cross the next gap.

From here you can climb up the small steps and see the end of the shrine. However, down to the right there is a treasure chest in the distance that can be a bit tricky to reach. There are two ways to reach this treasure chest. One way is to use the gust of wind to glide across the gap, turn to the right and go directly towards the treasure chest. Although walls in shrines cannot be climbed, if you miss the ledge by just a slight amount, frantic attempts to climb up may still be successful.

Alternatively, you can float across the gap and climb the steps to the left. From there you can turn around, get a running start, jump, and glide to the treasure chest. Inside Link will usually find a Soldier's Claymore. Once that chest is collected, glide back down, climb the steps, and once again glide across the wind current. Climb the steps and speak with Bosh Kala at the altar to collect the Spirit Orb.