Ya Naga Shrine

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Ya Naga Shrine







Ya Naga Shrine, also known as Shatter The Heavens, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


The shrine can be found on Hylia Island, which is located just west of the Bridge of Hylia within Lake Hylia.

Shatter the Heavens

First, place a square bomb on top of the block. Then place a spherical bomb into the tube that is right in front of it. Blow up the spherical bomb first, sending the large block up into the area. Then switch over and detonate the square bomb when the block is near the ceiling. This will cause the bomb to blowup the boulders near the ceiling.

Then place another spherical bomb into the tube, and stand on top of the block. Detonate the bomb and it will send Link way up to the air. At the apex of the jump, use the Paraglider to land on the column on the right side to get a treasure chest that contains an Eightfold Blade.

Head to the altar and talk to Ya Naga to get a Spirit Orb.