Lake Tower

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Lake Tower

Lake Tower is a Sheikah Tower within Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Lake Tower is located south-east of the Great Plateau Tower Region, west of the Faron Tower region and east of the Wasteland Tower region.

While the Tower itself is in Faron, the region it covers is split between Faron and Central Hyrule, the latter of which includes Lake Hylia itself.

Tower Features

The tower's travel gate faces South, opposite Lake Hylia and the Bridge of Hylia.

The area immediately surrounding the Lake Tower is filled with a variety of enemies, including Red, Blue, and Black Bokoblin, along with Green, Blue, and Fire-Breath Lizalfos. There are also a few Fire Wizzrobes that patrol the area. The tower is shown to have broken the hard ground from underneath, accounting for the several cracks surrounding it where monsters take hold. This is similar to the Hateno Tower, which also broke through solid rock, albeit breaking through a larger area. As most of the enemies are between the cracks, the shortest and safest way to reach the tower is to avoid said cracks by approaching it through the grassy areas.

At the various small camps, there are a number of treasure chests that can be found. Just southeast of the tower, there is a wooden treasure chest that contains a Soldier's Spear. Just east of the tower, there is a wooden treasure chest that contains ten arrows. There are a trio of treasure chests just north of the tower that contain ten arrows, an Opal gem, and a Boomerang.

There are numerous Rushrooms in the area as well, often right next to each other, making for a good location to farm them.


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