Haran Lake

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Haran Lake is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The lake is found immediately west of the Highland Stable in the Lake Tower region. The water in the lake is too shallow for any fish to survive in and Link can just walk through, without having to worry about swimming. There are a number of trees surrounding the lake and almost all of them have beetles on them. There are several Bladed Rhino Beetles and Rugged Rhino Beetles in the area.

There are several wild Horses just north of the lake, as well as several horses that are being ridden by Bokoblin, just north at the Fural Plain.

Link will travel around the Haran Lake while going through the Horseback Obstacle Course, a mini-game that is given to Link by Blynne over at the Highland Stable.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Complete the rock pattern. The rock you need is just downhill.

Complete the stone circle with the rock on the hillside just south of the circle.