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The Highland Stable is a location from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Highland Stable is one of fifteen (15) Stables that are located across Hyrule. It is located in the southern part of the Faron province. It is in the southeastern Faron Grasslands by the road that circles past Haran Lake off the Fural Plain. The stable is by Padok and Phanna.

As with most stables, there is a dog found around the stable. Link can befriend him by feeding him some food, such as Apples. Eventually the dog will guide Link to an area just north of the stable where a treasure chest will appear stuck in the ground. Link can pull it up with Magnesis to find a Silver Rupee.



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Tears of the Kingdom

The Highland Stable can be found near the south end of Hyrule south along the path from Lake Hylia.

There is a dog at the stable that Link can feed to befriend. After giving him enough food, such as some Apples, the dog will lead Link to a treasure chest, just north of the stable, which contains a Purple Rupee.

Nearby Quests

A Picture for Highland Stable

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After completing one Regional Phenomena and acquiring the Camera, Link can examine the blank canvas on the wall to begin the quest. Padok will task Link with finding the Giant White Stallion, which is rumored to be near the Lake of the Horse God. Just east of the Horse God Bridge, Link can find the white horse and take a picture of it. After showing it to Padok, he'll paint it on the canvas, rewarding Link with a Pony Point and an Energizing Honey Crepe.

Utsushok Shrine

Main article: Utsushok Shrine

The Utsushok Shrine is located just northeast of the Stable on the hillside. Titled Long or Wide, the shrine requires Link to attach items to paddels and hit orbs into holes.


  • Haite - She can be found working behind the stable. She is friends with Pyper, but wonders where he went hiding to, after he burned down part of the nearby field and its flowers.
  • Phanna - A stable worker who can be seen caring for the Horses. She will give Link a guide of many of the scenic locations that surround the Highland Stable.
  • Pyper - Can be heard playing his flute in a tree, north of the stable. Speaking to him will begin The Flute Player's Plan. Pyper eventually leaves the stable to rejoin the Stable Trotters.