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Perosa is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Perosa can be found walking around the Highland Stable and is very welcoming to Link when he approaches.[1] She is a small, elderly woman who talks about how the plains near the stable are home to quality horses. In the past, nomadic tribes would come to the area to gather. However, in recent times the plains have been overrun by monsters, with numerous Bokoblin riders patrolling the area.[2]

After defeating the monsters, Perosa will happily tell Link a little bit more about the region.[3] She has knowledge of the Giant Horse, who lives out west at the Taobab Grassland.[4] If Link travels west along the path from the Highland Stable, he will meet up with Straia at the Mounted Archery Camp. After talking to him, he can begin the Hunt for the Giant Horse quest.

Perosa also has knowledge of the horse god, Malanya. He lives just south of the Highland Stable, over at the Malanya Spring. If one of Link's horses falls in battle, Link can go to Malanya and for the cost of 1,000 Rupees, he can resurrect it, bringing the horse back to life.[5]

Perosa will spend her entire day at the Highland Stable. She wakes up bright and early at 5am and will walk around the stable, usually heading over to where the horses are corralled. At 9pm each evening, Perosa will return to the stable and will sleep in one of the beds.

The Horseback Hoodlums

Main article: The Horseback Hoodlums

After speaking with Perosa, she asks if somebody is willing to help out with the Bokoblin Riders that are on the plains. After agreeing to do so, she will be delighted, and this begins The Horseback Hoodlums quest.[6][7]

Defeat the five Blue Bokoblin that are on horseback, just northwest of the Stable to clear the path. Then return to Perosa to give her the good news. She will thank you and reward you with an Endura Carrot.[8] She encourages you to give it to a horse to eat it, as they really love it.[9]



  1. Is this your first time here? - Perosa
  2. These plains are home to many quality horses. In the past, nomadic tribes would gather here, but... Nowadays, bands of riders roam the plains, acting like they own the place. I can only hope that someone steps up and deals with those hooligans... - Perosa
  3. Thank you so much for your help! In return, I'll happily tell you about this area. Are you, perchance, interested in a giant horse? Or in resurrecting horses? - Perosa
  4. If you head west of here, you'll reach a place called Taobab Grassland. A really big horse lives there. And by big...I mean REALLY big. - Perosa
  5. Not far from here lives the mysterious god of horses. If a horse dies, he can bring it back to life. Sounds crazy, right? But it's true. - Perosa
  6. Oh, really? I'm so glad to hear that. I'm counting on you! - Perosa
  7. I'm counting on you... But don't overdo it, OK? - Perosa
  8. You took care of the hooligans? This is a small token of my thanks! - Perosa
  9. Horses really love it! Try sharing it with one, and you'll see what I mean! - Perosa