Giant Horse

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Giant Horse


Cannot reach fast speeds
Max strength



Taobab Grasslands on the northern Oseira Plains (Breath of the Wild)
Hateno Beach between Deepback Bay and Hateno Bay (Tears of the Kingdom)



"This giant horse is the last of its kind. Its physical capabilities completely overshadow those of regular horses, but its temperament is extremely wild. Only a truly skilled rider can train, or even catch, this beast of a mount. This is a horse that chooses its rider."

— Hyrule Compendium entry

The Giant Horse is a special type of Horse found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

There is only one Giant Horse to be found in Hyrule, and it rests in the Taobab Grasslands, in the Lake Tower Region. It can be found in a clearing surrounded by several other horses. It is easily distinguishable, due to its unique black and orange pattern, as well as its hefty size. It closely resembles Ganondorf's horse, and is assumed to be related to the latter.

Link must tame this beast and ride it back to the Mounted Archery Camp in order to complete the side quest Hunt for the Giant Horse. It's required for the player to press the soothe button 30 times before Link's stamina runs out. To ride the Giant Horse to the Mounted Archery Camp, Link must ride it south through the Oseira Plains. This includes coming across two Lynels on the way, so be careful. After clearing the plains, Link must veer left and cross the Nautelle Wetlands and the Darybon Plains, in which you will likely encounter a pack of mounted Bokoblins.

Once registered, this horse cannot be fitted with other saddle or bridle than the ones provided, and its mane cannot be changed.

As part of the quest Good-Sized Horse, the Giant Horse cannot be sold to Zyle, as he refuses to buy it since it's too big for him to ride.

Tears of the Kingdom

Default Tears of the Kingdom Hyrule Compendium picture of the Giant Horse

The Giant Horse can be found on the Hateno Beach on a grass field between Hateno Bay and Deepback Bay with several other horses, at coordinates (4143, -2454, 0109). There is no quest related to finding it.

The Tears of the Kingdom save file will transpose all horses registered in the main save file from Breath of the Wild; as such, if the Giant Horse is included on those, it will appear on the player's registered horses in Tears of the Kingdom and the player won't have to look for it and register it again, nor the horse will spawn on its location in the newer game.

There is another giant horse in the game, the Giant White Stallion, although this is a separate breed with a different Hyrule Compendium entry.


  • Strength: ★★★★★
  • Speed: ★★
  • Stamina: None; no spurs; cannot gallop.
  • Pull: None; cannot use Towing Harness.
  • Temperament: Wild

The Giant Horse has ★★ Speed listed and cannot gallop, but it has the fastest canter of any horse in the game at 14.8m/s, comparatively faster than the slowest regular horse at full gallop (14.4m/s for a ★★ Speed horse). This is due to its large size.