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Patricia is a Sand Seal in Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity and Tears of the Kingdom. She belongs to the Gerudo chief Riju.

Breath of the Wild

"This is Riju's own sand seal. It may look intense, but she dotes on it regularly; the ribbon it wears was a gift from her, and it even has its own pen in Gerudo Town. It's far more agile than any other sand seal and far more outgoing. An ever-reliable partner to Riju, Patricia is always ready to take off through the desert at a moment's notice."

Breath of the Wild Hyrule Compendium entry

Patricia was given to Riju by her mother, the previous chief.[1] Riju enjoys talking with Patricia in the lower levels of the palace as a part of her morning routine, though she has not had much time to do so since the Divine Beast Vah Naboris began threatening the town.[2] She visits Patricia between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

Patricia differs from the other sand seals in that she wears a red bow, and that her coat is blue-grey. Patricia is also one of two animals to have a name, the other being Spinch, along with the Lord of the Mountain’s alternate name, Satori.

Patricia is very knowledgeable and offers words of wisdom if Link feeds her a fruit.[3] She particularly likes wildberries, but she accepts any kind of fruit.[4] Patricia's words can only be heard by those who can truly communicate with her, so Padda translates them for Link.[5] Patricia often attempts to add seal puns to her messages, which Padda avoids translating.[6][7]

Like most domesticated animals in the game, she cannot be killed.

A picture of Patricia can be taken to complete an entry in the Hyrule Compendium.

Patricia's Comments

Patricia offers rarer, more insightful comments if wildberries are offered to her. However, she still has some pieces of advice for those who offer other fruits.

Various Fruits
"Seal the deal on your fortune by using more valuable fruit!"
"The southern desert is...searing hot during the day! Bring gear made for it!"
"Sand seals can be knocked out by the sound of an explosion. I'm se— ...Serious."
"Sand boots for desert sands and snow boots for...serious snowfall."
"Look to the top of the Gerudo Highlands to sea...SEE...the path to a dragon."
"Risoka Snowfield rests upon the shoulders of the eighth heroine..."
"Molduga eat anything—even bombs. That's a rather...serious diet!"
"The location a dragon drifts to is also the goal of those...seeking a great fairy."


Age of Calamity

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Riju - HWAoC.png

Patricia is ridden by Riju in battle in Age of Calamity. Riju's weapons are bridles for Patricia:

Tears of the Kingdom

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Patricia is still Riju's personal sand seal in Tears of the Kingdom. The latter rides her out to the Lightning Temple when it rises from the sand.

After the Sand Shroud is dispelled, Patricia returns to her normal area. If she is fed Splash Fruit, she gives a series of numbers the Gerudo (including Padda and Pearle) do not understand; these are coordinates to locate one of the orbs for The Mysterious Eighth quest. Once the orbs serve their purpose for the quest, Patricia will start giving coordinates to the start locations of other sidequests in the Gerudo area, removing them from the pool as they are cleared. Once that pool is completely exhausted, she will instead give the coordinates to Ganondorf in the Depths deep below Hyrule Castle.


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