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Rotana (Sister)
Aaqlet (Virtual Sister)

Pearle is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Pearle is a Gerudo child who lives in Gerudo Town with her older sister Rotana. Each morning at 5am, Pearle will get up and will run around town.[1] She is pretending to be just like Lady Urbosa. Pearle describes Urbosa as an amazing person who was born a long, long time ago. She was a Champion who saved Gerudo Town from an evil ghost. Pearle runs around and patrols the town to be like Urbosa and make sure now bad guys enter town.[2]

At 10am, Pearle will run over to the Sand Seals found at the east side of town. She has named three of the seals as Sue, Nah, and Zarashi. They all seem to look good and are doing fine.[3][4]

She stays there until 12pm, when she will then run over to Spera's shop. She wants to do some shopping so that she can make some Mushroom Rice Balls for her sister. Her sister has been researching the Seven Heroines, so she hasn't had time to cook.[5] Pearly explains that Link can make mushroom rice balls by using Hylian Rice, Rock Salt, and a Mushroom. Pearle likes to use regular Hylian Shrooms, but her sister prefers to use Zapshrooms, which makes Electro Mushroom Rice Balls.[6] If Spera's shop is all sold out, Pearle will be a bit disappointed, although she suspects that maybe her sister bought the ingredients.[7]

At 4pm, Pearle will run over to the south end of town to meet up with the other children of Gerudo Town. If Link talks to her before then, she will ask him if he's headed anywhere, guessing that he's going to visit The Noble Canteen.[8][9] She mentions that the canteen is right next door to her house, which annoys her as the place is always busy and she can always hear the noise.[10][11] She also tells Link to be careful during the daytime, as the sun can be dangerous.[12]

At 8pm each evening, Pearle will walk back home to go to bed. She walks rather slow and barely makes it there by morning, where she immediately runs back to the center part of town.



  1. A foreign vai! Sav'otta! Sorry, but I can't play with you right now, lady. - Pearle
  2. I'm pretending to be Lady Urbosa! Lady Urbosa was an amazing person who was born a long, long time before I was. She was a champion who save this town from an evil ghost! I'm going on pa-trolls every day to make sure that no more bad monsters show up. - Pearle
  3. Sue... Nah... Zarashi... They were all so cute today. - Pearle
  4. Sue... Nah... Zarashi... Looks like everyone's doing fine! - Pearle
  5. Are you shopping, too? That's why I'm here, but they're all out of stuff I need... My sister is busy researching the seven heroines, so I wanted to make and bring her some mushroom rice balls. - Pearle
  6. Do you have rice balls where you're from? You make mushroom rice balls with Hylian rice, rock salt, and mushrooms! I like mushrooms so it's fine with me, but my sister likes zapshrooms, which make them electro mushroom rice balls! Maybe it's a grown-up thing to like that little jolt that they give you when you bite into them. - Pearle
  7. Hmmm... I know what happened here... My sister bought them out of everything! - Pearle
  8. Are you going somewhere now? - Pearle
  9. Oh, I know! You're going to visit the cant-eenter, right? The place next door to my house is a place where people go to drink, and it's busy at all hours of the day! But that means I can hear the voices from my house, and it's a little bothersome... - Pearle
  10. It's already dark outside. Are you still planning to go out? That place next to my house is where people to to relax and gab a drink. It's real lively at night! ...Which means I can hear their voices through my window. It sorta annoys me and my big sister, Rotana... - Pearle
  11. I know all about it! Grown-ups go to the cant-eenter, right? My house is right next door, see? But the voices come through the window, and it's really annoying... They're so loud, it's like I'm in the cant-eenter too, you know? - Pearle
  12. When the sun is up, it's super hot. Be careful, OK? - Pearle