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Riju on Patricia


Gerudo Chief







Riju, also known by her full name of Makeela Riju, is a key character in Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity.


Breath of the Wild

Riju is the Chieftainess of the Gerudo, having inherited the position after her mother passed away. Though she is considerably young for a chief, she is respected by her people. Following the line of succession, she is a direct descendant of Urbosa. She helps Link defeat the Divine Beast Vah Naboris after he retrieves the Thunder Helm from the Yiga Clan Hideout. She is very fond of Sand Seals, and has her own named Patricia. Her bedroom also contains three Sand Seal plush dolls. Buliara is her personal body guard and is extremely protective of her.[1]

When Link first arrives at Gerudo Town to speak with Riju, she allows him to approach, wondering how he got there.[2] Buliara will yell at Link, telling him to speak his business without coming any closer.[3] Riju however thinks there is something special about this particular traveler, asking what his name is.[4][5] After finding out his name is Link, she remembers the legend that happened during the Calamity. Princess Zelda had placed a fallen swordsman into a deep sleep, and that swordsman was named Link.[6] Buliara will jump in saying that particular story involved a hero that carried the legendary Master Sword, at which point Riju will explain that it is hidden away in a forest somewhere.[7][8] Riju will ask Link about the Sheikah Slate, thinking that it wouldn't be given to any normal person. Buliara also jumps in, saying that she doesn't remember any of the Champions being a Hylian vai, although she then realizes that Link is actually a man.[9][10]

Riju will talk to Link about the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, who has been causing havoc to Gerudo Town with its massive sandstorm and lightning attacks. She thinks that if Link is truly a champion, perhaps he'd be able to calm Naboris down.[11] Buliara will suggest that perhaps Link should be tasked in retrieving the Thunder Helm, which was stolen by the Yiga Clan.[12][13] Riju mentions that the Thunder Helm is capable of withstanding the lightning attacks from Naboris, and without it, there is no way to approach Naboris.[14][15] Buliara will encourage Link to speak with Captain Teake within the Barracks, to find out more about the thieves that stolen the Thunder Helm.[16]

Age of Calamity

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  • At age 12, Riju is the oldest Gerudo child in both appearance and age shown in the game.
  • Riju is shown to be tremendously intelligent for a child her age, and albeit she has childish preferences when she's on her own, these do not detract from her authority or wisdom as the Chief of the Gerudo
  • In spite of her youth and inexperience, Riju is well-liked by her fellow Gerudo.
  • Out of the four main questgivers and race leaders in the story (also including Bludo, King Dorephan and Kaneli), Riju is the only one who is not elderly, and is also the only one who is simultaneously a "modern" Champion (alongside Sidon, Teba and Yunobo).


  1. "Even now, with such a valuable heirloom stolen by thieves, she refuses to tear herself way from me for even a moment." — Riju's Diary, Breath of the Wild
  2. Yet another traveler... How did you get in here? Oh? It seems you have something rather interesting there... - Riju
  3. You stand before Lady Riju, chief of the Gerudo! Declare your business, but come no closer! - Buliara
  4. Hold on, Buliara... This one appears to be more than a common travler. You there-what is your name? - Riju
  5. Link... And what is it you've come all the way here to tell me, Link? - Riju
  6. Hmm... Buliara, a memory just jumped into my head-something my mother spoke of. When the Calamity happened, the princess of Hyrule placed a fallen swordsman into a deep sleep. That swordsman, much like our new friend here, was named Link...though it always seemed more legend than fact. - Riju
  7. But, Lady Riju! Do those same stories not also say that the Hylian Champion carried a legendary sword? I see no such weapon in this person's care. - Buliara
  8. They do indeed... If I recall correctly, it was called the sword that seals the darkness. The Princess of Hyrule supposedly hid it away in a forest somewhere. What of the device on this one's hip? It appears to be a precious relic of the Sheikah. I can't imagine they would give something so valuable to a simple drifter-can you? - Riju
  9. They do indeed... If I recall correctly, it was called the sword that seals the darkness. The Princess of Hyrule supposedly hid it away in a forest somewhere. What of the device on this one's hip? It appears to be a precious relic of the Sheikah. I can't imagine they would give something so valuable to a simple drifter-can you? - Riju
  10. ...I don't remember ever hearing of a Hylian vai among the Champions. Wait a moment... You're a voe! - Buliara
  11. A voe within our walls is a great crime. But a voe who is a Champion... Well, we'd never mistreat a friend of Lady Urbosa. And if you're here to help us with Naboris, then we are allies. You saw it on your way to our town. Divine Beast Vah Naboris, cloaked in a massive sandstorm, hurling lightning at any who dare approach. We have to do something to stop it, but we have yet to find any way to appease the Divine Beast on our own. If you truly are a Champion, perhaps you will be able to enter Naboris and calm its anger. - Riju
  12. Lady Riju! I don't see how you can trust a complete stranger with something as important as this task. Perhaps if this person were first to prove his worth by recovering your stolen Thunder Helm... - Buliara
  13. You needn't worry, Lady Riju. If he truly is a Champion, this should be an easy task for him. Our soldiers can tell you all you need to know about the thieves who stole Lady Riju's heirloom. Head through this arch. It will lead you to the barracks. Then, seek out Captain Teake, and ask for a full report. - Buliara
  14. Ah, yes... An interesting suggestion. You see, there is only one thing in all of Hyrule that can withstand the lightning from Naboris. The Thunder Helm, a family heirloom and relic of the Gerudo. But as Buliara says, it was stolen from us. - Riju
  15. Without my heirloom, you'll never be able to approach Naboris. Heh, you know... I take heart in having such a rare visitor as yourself. Lady Urbosa must be looking out for us. - Riju
  16. What's wrong? If you truly are the Champion of legend, recovering the chief's heirloom should be simple. If you want to know more about the thieves, then you should speak to Captain Teake. Just head down those stairs. Use this chance to show us what you're capable of! - Buliara