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Sayge (descendant)
Sefaro (descendant)

Aju the Dyer is a character that appears in Age of Calamity.

Age of Calamity

Aju is the subject of the quest Dyeing to Make Contact. In it, he claims to need a ruby to make contact with his supplier to obtain dyes and reopen the Kochi Dye Shop. In fact, he is his own supplier, but he still will not reopen before being given the ruby.

Once the shop is open, he will dye pieces of armor blue, red, yellow, white or black for a price. He will also remove dye and return the items to their original colour.

Price List

Color Headgear Tunics Greaves
Blue-dye.png Blue Green-rupee.png 240 Green-rupee.png 600 Green-rupee.png 360
Red-dye.png Red Green-rupee.png 180 Green-rupee.png 460 Green-rupee.png 280
Yellow-dye.png Yellow Green-rupee.png 190 Green-rupee.png 470 Green-rupee.png 280
White-dye.png White Green-rupee.png 410 Green-rupee.png 1030 Green-rupee.png 620
Black-dye.png Black Green-rupee.png 30 Green-rupee.png 80 Green-rupee.png 50
Restore Original Color Green-rupee.png 20 Green-rupee.png 20 Green-rupee.png 20

Additional colors can be unlocked by completing the following quests:

These are shown below. They are all cheaper than the initial set of colors except Black, with Brown and Light Blue dyes the cheapest of all:

Color Headgear Tunics Greaves
Purple-dye.png Purple Green-rupee.png 20 Green-rupee.png 60 Green-rupee.png 40
Green-dye.png Green Green-rupee.png 20 Green-rupee.png 50 Green-rupee.png 30
Light-blue-dye.png Light Blue Green-rupee.png 20 Green-rupee.png 40 Green-rupee.png 20
Navy-dye.png Navy Green-rupee.png 70 Green-rupee.png 180 Green-rupee.png 110
Orange-dye.png Orange Green-rupee.png 50 Green-rupee.png 120 Green-rupee.png 70
Peach-dye.png Peach Green-rupee.png 30 Green-rupee.png 70 Green-rupee.png 50
Crimson-dye.png Crimson Green-rupee.png 40 Green-rupee.png 90 Green-rupee.png 50
Light-yellow-dye.png Light Yellow Green-rupee.png 80 Green-rupee.png 200 Green-rupee.png 120
Brown-dye.png Brown Green-rupee.png 20 Green-rupee.png 40 Green-rupee.png 20
Gray-dye.png Gray Green-rupee.png 20 Green-rupee.png 60 Green-rupee.png 40