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"Urbosa is one of the Champions in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a fearsome warrior and a credit to her people, the Gerudo tribe. Though she has a fiery personality, Urbosa cares deeply about Princess Zelda and the fate of Hyrule."



Gerudo Tempest







Riju (descendant)


Voice Actor

Elizabeth Maxwell (English)




Urbosa is a character in Breath of the Wild. She was the Champion of the Gerudo, and the pilot of Divine Beast Vah Naboris. She was known for wielding the treasures of the Gerudo people; the Scimitar of the Seven and the Daybreaker shield.[1][2][3]

Breath of the Wild

Urbosa is the Chieftain of Gerudo Town, and a friend to the late Queen of Hyrule and served as Princess Zelda's mother figure after the queen had passed. She is often there to console the princess as Zelda not only lost her biological mother, but a teacher who would have taught her how to access her sealing magic and the imminent future events of Calamity Ganon making its return made things worse for the already stressed princess. She is a formidable swordswoman and can unleash a dangerous amount of electricity which is called Urbosa's Fury. Urbosa had kept a diary that recorded her relationship with the queen and the princess as well as her concerns for the latter's well-being.

Beginning with the first entry, the Queen of Hyrule came to visit Gerudo Town and Urbosa was happy to see her as always. The queen tells her that the reason she came here was important and introduces her to her newborn baby girl. The child's name was Zelda, and she has her mother's smile which Urbosa grew to love her. Urbosa hopes that she will one day become a beautiful queen like her.[4] The queen was grateful, but she insists that beauty eventually fades and that her daughter ought to grow up blessed with joy. Urbosa notes that the way she looks at her new daughter and calling her "little bird", and states that she never saw such unconditional love.[5]

In the second entry, six years have passed, and the Queen has died from unknown circumstances, which left Urbosa so depressed that it took her a long time for her to return to her diary. She was still in disbelief that her friend was truly gone. Haunted by the memories of her friend, Urbosa experienced trouble with keeping her grief contained. She noticed that during the Queen's funeral, the six-year-old princess Zelda keeps her head high and didn't cry at all. While Urbosa finds it commendable that she carried herself like a true princess, Urbosa was convinced that she was deeply aggrieved by the loss, given that Zelda wasn't taught how to access her sealing power.[6]

In the third entry, one year since the death of the queen, Urbosa took a trip to Hyrule Castle and after interacting with King Rhoam, she saw Princess Zelda for the first time since the funeral. She admits that this was only out of concern that she came to the castle. Rhoam permitted Urbosa to take Zelda to the spring where she would begin her training. While there, Zelda prayed for several hours on end in the icy water. Urbosa implores her to stop but she didn't, and Urbosa soon had to pull her out of the water. Zelda looked at Urbosa in sheer desperation as she describes the pressure of her duties and how much it makes her panic that she couldn't fulfil them. The least Urbosa could do was hold Zelda close, hoping that it was enough.[7]

In the fourth entry, nine years have passed and Urbosa is visited by the emissaries, to tell her that she was chosen to become the pilot of Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Her people weren't comfortable at the thought of their chief taking up a dangerous task which Urbosa understands their concern. Regardless, she intends to accept her call as Calamity Ganon posed a threat not just to Hyrule, but the entire world and she won't sit around and watch the events unfold. She adds that Ganon was once associated with the Gerudo which she despised immensely. She hears that Princess Zelda will visit her to receive her answer and she is looking forward to seeing her again.[8]

When Princess Zelda visits Urbosa during sundown with her maidservants to request of her to become Divine Beast Vah Naboris's pilot, Urbosa immediately accepts without any hesitation,[9] as the Yiga Clan not only plan on resurrecting Calamity Ganon, but they are after their treasured heirloom, the Thunder Helm and refuses to rest until the monster is defeated,[10] which Zelda thanks her on behalf of her father and the kingdom. When night falls, Urbosa and Princess Zelda are taking a stroll around town when the latter notes that she has never seen her so serious before. Urbosa couldn't say the same thing herself and remembers that Zelda seldom smiled a decade earlier, addressing her as "little bird".[11] Zelda is puzzled as it sounded oddly familiar, and she asks where she got the name from, but she noticed that Urbosa had stopped walking. Urbosa stares at the two travelers passing by in the opposite direction and tells them to face her and adds that unlike them she prefers to fight her foes head-on and dares them do their worst.[12] The "travelers" reveal themselves to be Yiga Footsoldiers as they charge at her and put up a fight with the Gerudo Chief, but Urbosa is able to gain the upper hand and one of them tries to attack her from behind as Zelda warns her. Urbosa calmly utilized "Urbosa's Fury" to strike the footsoldier. After defeating them, she tells them that she is sparing their lives out of respect for Zelda.[13] After they leave, Urbosa goes back to the topic on the nickname and tells of the day that her friend, the Queen of Hyrule had always referred to her as "little bird",[14] which Zelda deduced that she is talking about her late mother. Urbosa goes on that it had been a full ten years, yet her "little bird" still spread her wings to become the beacon of hope that Hyrule needed and adds that she sometimes loses herself and gets lost in the past.[15]

For Urbosa to become a Champion, she must undergo the Divine Beast Tamer's Trial to prove herself worthy of being Vah Naboris's pilot. Her trials have her defeat a Molduking, surfing through the West Barrens while passing through the Glowing Rings and tossing the Sacred Orb into the pit at the Yiga Clan Hideout.[16]

With all four Champions assembled, Urbosa takes part in the Champions' inauguration ceremony with Link, Mipha, Daruk, and Revali, where they are bestowed blue clothes to show their new status. Urbosa wears her cloth like a skirt. When the ceremony concluded, she, Mipha, and Revali take interest in the Sheikah Slate as Urbosa tells them that the slate can produce still-images,[17] which gets Mipha's attention as she asks Zelda for a favor. Purah instructs everyone to get into position and when the setting is just right, Purah snaps the photo, but Daruk managed to pull everyone in at the last minute.

In the fifth entry, Urbosa recounts the inauguration in her diary as she shares the same fate as the other Champions. She saw that Link, Mipha, Zelda, and Revali are still quite young and she and Daruk hope to help them understand that they are Hyrule's future. She was disturbed to see that Zelda was very cold to Link and she seems to understand why this is so. She also learned that Link will be her appointed knight and hopes that they will find a way to get along better.[18]

Urbosa attends Link's personal ceremony with the other Champions, where he is being appointed as Zelda's top knight. They are not very happy with Zelda's tone of voice when she is giving her speech as Daruk notes its lack of enthusiasm while Revali tells him off that the whole ceremony was his idea, but he does agree with its dry atmosphere as he relates to Zelda regarding their opinions on Link. Urbosa tells him to drop it as she states that Link is a living reminder of Zelda's lack of success which is in Zelda's perspective anyway.[19]

In the sixth entry, Link asked Urbosa to meet with him. He tells her that Zelda took full advantage of the law that prohibits men from entering town in order to flee from him. Urbosa teaches him a trick to get through town without alerting the citizens or the guards, but by then Zelda had already vanished. Urbosa promises to notify him once Zelda turns up and Link reluctantly leaves. She noticed that Link has trouble expressing himself and believes that they could help each other if Zelda would ever give him a chance.[20]

Urbosa notifies Link of her whereabouts, and he arrived sooner than she expected. Urbosa wasn't too surprised given that Link is Zelda's knight. She tells him that Zelda ran an all-day survey on Vah Naboris when it took a toll on her by the time the sun went down. She asks asks how he and the princess are getting along, but she already knew their relationship was sour with Zelda becoming frustrated every time she sees him with the Master Sword, and often felt like a failure compared to him. She assures him that he isn't at fault for all this,[21] as she goes on to explain Zelda's personal problems regarding her inability to access her power and she had been dedicated to accessing it for many years, once even to the point where she passed out in the freezing water during one of her sessions without any desired results. It was the main motivations behind her research and adds that she is indeed special as she reminds Link that it is an honor to protect a member of the Royal Family. As the temperatures begin to drop, Urbosa comments on the desert's colder nights and decides to take her in. But, Urbosa had another idea as she snaps her fingers to use her champion's power, Urbosa's Fury,[22] which startles Zelda awake in confusion. She notices Link and wants to know how he got here, prompting Urbosa to laugh,[23] which further baffles the princess as she asks what was so funny.

In the seventh entry, Urbosa briefly recounts her visit with Link joins Zelda as they go to study Vah Naboris until night fell, which was then that Princess Zelda had fallen asleep. She lets Link know as soon as she did, and he turned up faster than what she estimated. It wasn't any of her, she was compelled to build a bridge by sharing some information on Zelda's problems and leaves the rest to them.[24]

In the eighth and final entry, Urbosa is pleased to see that Princess Zelda is smiling a lot more than she used to and deduces that she and Link are getting along much better too. She hopes that it will have a positive influence on her training, but she is concerned that they are losing more time. With the increase of monster attacks and other strange events, Urbosa fears that Ganon's resurrection is much closer than they believe. She could only pray that Zelda has enough time before it happens. She doesn't pray to the goddesses, but to Zelda's mother, the person she still misses.[25]

Several days go by, Urbosa and the Champions await Link and Zelda's return from Mt. Lanayru where she was training at the Spring of Wisdom. When she delivers the bad news that she didn't get any results, Urbosa insists that she must move on as pitying herself won't do anything to help with her situation and that anything could help spark it.[26] Mipha tries to give Zelda advice as she tries to explain how she uses her own healing power when she is interrupted by the shaking ground as Revali soars into the sky to check what was wrong before returning. Urbosa deduced that Calamity Ganon had returned,[27] as Daruk motivates the Champions to get to their Divine Beasts to launch a counterattack and instructs Link to head to Hyrule Castle. Urbosa then urges Zelda to take refuge,[28] but the princess refused as she wishes to take part whether or not she had her power.

Urbosa's route to Divine Beast Vah Naboris has her running along the southern edges of Hyrule Field, passed through the Gerudo Canyon, and climbed the Gerudo Highlands to reach Spectacle Rock. By the time she arrived, Urbosa finds that Vah Naboris has already been overtaken by Thunderblight Ganon and despite putting up a fight, she was killed in the end. Only the Thunder Helm and a descendant are what she left behind.

When Link returns a hundred years later, she tells him how excited she is for him to finally reclaim Naboris from Ganon.[29] She leads him to the map of Naboris and tells him he must enable the inactive terminals.[30][31] She often rallies Link after activating each terminal.[32][33][34][35] After reactivating the terminals and reaching the main control unit,[36] Thunderblight Ganon appears. Urbosa explains that this creature was the one that killed her and warns Link to be careful.[37] Urbosa continues to assist Link by giving him advice and encouragement during the battle.

Once Thunderblight Ganon is defeated, Urbosa's spirit appears before Link and tells him that they can finally finish the battle against Ganon.[38] She then gives him Urbosa's Fury, which allows Link to summon lightning strikes to attack his enemies.[39] She then asks Link to let Zelda know that she does not need to carry the blame for what happened to the Champions and asks him to take care of her and Hyrule.[40]

Urbosa takes Naboris to the top of Spectacle Rock, where she uses her power to weaken Ganon at Hyrule Castle and says some final words to Naboris.[41] Since Ganon defeated her once before, she is eager to face him once again and achieve victory.[42]

Urbosa's spirit will appear whenever Link uses Urbosa's Fury, snapping her fingers in the midst of attack before disappearing and she will let Link know that her power has completed its cooldown.[43]

Once The Champions' Ballad DLC is active, Link will take on the EX Champion Urbosa's Song Quest to go through the trials that she herself went through. Once it is completed,[44] Kass will note that while Urbosa was a fierce warrior, she was a good friend to the princess.[45] Urbosa's voice will chime in tell Link that he is an impressive voe and gladly reduces the cooldown time and proceeds to remind him that he is the pride of Hyrule and will be leaving Zelda in his hands.[46]

When Link repeats his battle with Thunderblight Ganon, Urbosa will send out more dialogue. In the first dialogue, Urbosa will ask Link to show her diary to Princess Zelda as it contained a section about her mother and hopes that it would help her after all that she had suffered through.[47] In the second dialogue, Urbosa will ask how Link got into Gerudo Town, but she ends up answering her own question when she deduced that he wore the Gerudo Outfit and admits that he looked lovely in it, and he should show it to Zelda sometime.[48] In the third dialogue, Urbosa will figure that Link is enjoying his time in Gerudo Town and wonders who is the new chief and goes on to add that the disaster had taken her from her people and how it affected them, but she knows that they will prevail over any obstacle in their path.[49] In the fourth dialogue, Urbosa notes that Link is carrying several burdens on his shoulders and assures him that he is the most courageous voe she has ever known, and she intends on sharing her cherished memories of Zelda to the Queen of Hyrule to assure her that she is in good hands.[50] In the fifth and final dialogue, Urbosa is still astounded that Link hasn't aged since the past century, but she warns him to be cautious as neither of them want to see the princess cry.[51]

When Calamity Ganon breaks out of Zelda's magical prison, Urbosa opens fire as she states it had been a hundred years in the making and assures Zelda that their moment has finally arrived as she opens fire to weaken Ganon.[52] After Ganon is destroyed and Zelda is freed, Urbosa joins the Champions and King Rhoam as they see off Link and the princess before they vanish, having completed their duties.

Age of Calamity

Urbosa - HWAoC key art.png

"The chief of the Gerudo who possessed the power to command lightning itself. She was close friends with the late queen of Hyrule. Now, she is entrusted with piloting Divine Beast Vah Naboris."

In the Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief, as Princess Zelda and her friends travel to the four corners of Hyrule, they head to Gerudo Desert in an attempt to recruit Urbosa as the pilot of Divine Beast Vah Naboris. However, they are pursued by Gerudo vai soldiers and the princess wonders why they are acting this was and makes the decision to make their way into Gerudo Town to get an explanation from Urbosa. While most of the soldiers heed the orders from "Urbosa", one of the Gerudo Captains notice that Urbosa is acting very off for some reason. As they reach the throne room, "Urbosa" attempts to eliminate the princess and her allies, addressing the princess as "Princess Zelda" only for another Urbosa to show up and deliver a powerful shock upon the one at the throne room. The Urbosa that attacked the other one steps in, stating that she had returned as soon as she did and hoped the princess wasn't hurt, addressing Zelda as "little bird" to prove that she is the real Urbosa.[53] The imposter reveals himself to be Master Kohga, who summons the Yiga Clan against them as he vanished. Eventually, once the Yiga Clan have been expelled from the town and further away by a Molduga, Sooga comes to take Kohga away and he tells them to leave them behind, much to Urbosa's annoyance.[54] After the dust settles, Urbosa explains about the town sometimes being chaotic,[55] and tells the origins of the Yiga Clan, who are Sheikah traitors who have sworn allegiance to Calamity Ganon and because they resided close to the desert, have been causing problems for the Gerudo. She refuses to let them get away with it any longer which is the reason why she's choosing to accept her call to become the Gerudo Champion of Divine Beast Vah Naboris,[56] and she assures the princess that she will support Princess Zelda however she can as she was a dear friend to the Queen of Hyrule, who had been dead for a decade.[57]

In The Yiga Clan Attacks! Scenario, Princess Zelda and the soldiers travel across Castle Town to help calibrate the Divine Beasts for the Champions when they are suddenly ambushed by Sooga, who seeks Zelda's life. While Link and Zelda withdraw, Urbosa and the Champions fought the Yiga Clan and the monsters as much as they could to push them back with their own armies, but the Hinox that resided in the stronghold was a decoy to get the Champions far away from Link and Zelda, so Sooga can attack them. Link managed to protect Princess Zelda from Sooga's kunai, which prompts him and the Yiga Clan to retreat.

In the Freeing Korok Forest Scenario, King Rhoam sends the Champions to Korok Forest to retrieve the Master Sword and find the knight who will wield it and they are seen at the borders of the forest. As Revali starts to harshy insult Link and question his leadership, Urbosa, unamused, asks him how long they have to put up with his attitude, before the Rito warrior summons Vah Medoh to destroy the monsters before he flies down to let them know that they can now proceed. As Daruk and Revali have their verbal combat, Urbosa assures them that getting lost isn't the issue, but being ambushed while it's hard to see is,[58] as Princess Zelda adds that they must be alert for the most unusual. At this moment, the princess spies Hestu, the giant Korok who is trying to get their attention, which surprised them. Daruk asks him to lead the way to the Master Sword, though Hestu is troubled due to the fact that there are monsters around. When Revali makes a remark about not carrying his maracas on him, Urbosa tells Hestu not to pay attention to him and offers to help deal with the monsters,[59] which Hestu complies. They notice strange appearances of Malice, which is maintained by the seer, Astor's dark copies of the Champions dubbed Hollows, including one of them being Urbosa,[60] which they managed to defeat. After Link saves Zelda from Astor and the Hollows by pulling the Master Sword and defeating them, Urbosa and the Champions rejoin them as they listen to the Great Deku Tree's words to them. However, because of the recent events with Link being chosen, Princess Zelda begins feeling more anxious at not living up to her expectations regarding her dormant power.

Urbosa Champion - HWAoC.png

In The Road Home, Besieged Scenario, the princess ceases to walk as she becomes worried and doubtful of her own abilities. While Terrako plays her lullaby, there was a disruption with monsters on Crenel Peak.[61] After the battle, Urbosa catches Zelda comparing herself to Link, and finishes what she was about to say.[62] As Zelda expresses concern over the increase of monster and still haven't accessed her power yet, Urbosa assures her that Link is still the same young man he is before he had the Master Sword.[63] When Zelda tries to go on, Urbosa reminds her of what the Great Deku Tree told her of not worrying too much and she must accept her place.[64] Soon the Champions are officially inaugurated, and they were bestowed blue cloths. Urbosa begins wearing hers like a skirt. After the ceremony ends, Urbosa and the others hang out at the gazebo to take a break from their battles. She laughs in amusement when she watches Terrako and Impa get into a fight.

In the Akkala Citadel Scenario, Urbosa actively participates in helping Link and the princess activate the Sheikah Tower at Akkala Citadel and had been successful, despite Sooga and his clansmen's attempts at preventing them. When Purah shows them that the towers can distill regional maps on the Sheikah Slate, Urbosa becomes intrigued by this fact and sought out to take advantage of this knowledge to accomplish her next goal before Ganon makes a return.[65]

In the Destroy the Yiga Clan! Scenario, Urbosa approaches Divine Beast Vah Naboris to take it on a test run to confirm Purah's theory on the Sheikah Towers revealing enemy locations, in spite of the fact that she hasn't had any proper training yet and decides that she will learn the ropes through experience anyway.[66] With the Divine Beast at her disposal, Urbosa managed to clear the way and they managed to complete a full-scale assault from within, defeating both Master Kohga and Sooga.

In the Calamity Strikes Scenario, Urbosa was standing on the Gerudo Sheikah Tower when she saw Calamity Ganon rising from below Hyrule Castle and takes into account that this was a surprise attack.[67] The Sheikah Towers are powered down across the kingdom which cuts her off from the other Champions and her only option was to board Vah Naboris to strike back. After Link, Zelda, and Impa failed to save King Rhoam when he sacrificed himself to help them escape Hyrule Castle, Princess Zelda is stricken with despair over her apparent failure when Terrako plays her lullaby to summon four Gates of Time which head to the Divine Beasts. Impa learns that there is still hope left, but they need to act fast as they head out to save the Champions.

In the Air and Lightning Scenario, Urbosa is trapped inside Vah Naboris as she is fighting Thunderblight Ganon, and she realizes that she is about to lose this battle.[68] She is pushed into the lower levels of Vah Naboris where Urbosa drops to her knee in exhaustion. Just as Thunderblight Ganon goes in for the kill, the Gate of Time opens and Riju and her sand-seal, Patricia burst out and slam into Thunderblight Ganon before it could reach Urbosa, much to the latter's shock as she was about to ask about her sudden appearance.[69] Riju insists that they need to focus on winning this fight.[70] When Thunderblight Ganon proved to be too strong for them,[71] Riju is distraught for thinking she was strong enough to help her.[72] As help arrives, Urbosa assures her that she brought enough time for Link and the party to arrive and slay Thunderblight Ganon.[73] Urbosa is too tired to join them, and she used Vah Naboris's lightning on Mt. Rhoam to release a giant column of air so that they can reach Vah Medoh and help save Revali and Teba from Windblight Ganon. After the battle, Urbosa and Riju board Vah Medoh as she takes a moment to thank Princess Zelda for coming to their aid, and thanks Riju for saving her life earlier.[74][75] When Teba noticed Revali's rudeness towards Link, he nearly makes a comment on it, before Urbosa cuts him off and asks Princess Zelda on what had become of Hyrule Castle.

In the EX Liberate the Ancient Lab Guardian of Remembrance DLC Scenario, Urbosa and Riju team up to help protect the Royal Ancient Lab and the Science Academy from the monsters and the Yiga Clan led by Master Kohga. When the battle concludes and the Hylians and Gerudo talking amongst themselves, Urbosa sees Riju's Thunder Helm and tells her how impressed she is to see how well she's handling it.[76] Riju places it on her head and is about to explain her duties as the future chief,[77] when Master Kohga suddenly swipes the helm from her and places it on his topknot. He taunts Urbosa that her power won't work on him, but she proves him wrong as she managed to shock him anyway, making him drop the Thunder Helm so Riju can retrieve it. As Kohga gets up, he demands to know how she still did it and why it didn't work for him. Urbosa hisses that it would take him a hundred years to utilize its abilities,[78] and Kohga is furious as he vows that even if it took him that long, he would eventually have it before vanishing, leaving the Gerudo Chiefs to catch their breath.

In the Each Step Like Thunder Scenario, as the area around Fort Hateno is in a fiery state, a dejected Riju saw how horrific the war is.[79] Urbosa tells her that she shouldn't need to have a defeatist attitude,[80] though Riju notes that there are a huge number of foes.[81] Urbosa then tells her that she wouldn't have lived if she hadn't come and because of her, she is here and Naboris has its pilot alive and wagers that nothing can stop them.[82] Slightly more assured, Riju says that they will succeed,[83] and Urbosa asks for her hand, which Riju accepts,[84][85] which they both leap into action to defend Fort Hateno with Naboris.[86] Later, when enemy reinforcements appear when they thought they succeeded, Urbosa starts becoming frustrated,[87] then it was Riju's turn to give her the pep talk,[88] and Urbosa is put in a better mood.[89] As fortune has had it, Mipha, Daruk, and Revali arrive on their respective Divine Beasts and obliterates the reinforcements, leaving Urbosa to wonder what kept them.[90] This scenario was a major turning point for Hyrule as it was where Princess Zelda's power had finally surfaced and defended Link from Astor and the revived Blight Ganons, Purah activating a failsafe to disable the Guardians which made up the majority of Ganon's army, and Master Kohga and his surviving clansman adding to their forces as a result of Astor's betrayal though blood sacrifice to revive the Blights.

In the EX The Princess and the King Guardian of Remembrance DLC Scenario, King Rhoam and his guard are found to have actually survived the onslaught of the Guardians in Hyrule Castle due to the device Zelda handed to him earlier. King Rhoam and his men are making their way to the Great Plateau and the Temple of Time and fought their way through the monsters. As they start to become battle weary as a surge of Moblins approach them, an army of Gerudo led by Urbosa appears to back them up as Urbosa refuses to let them fall to the monsters as he was the husband of her friend and Princess Zelda's father.[91] After the dust settles, Urbosa and Rhoam make it to the Great Plateau where the king apologizes for giving her trouble, and Urbosa tells him that the land losing its king would have been the real problem,[92] and she lets him know that Zelda is on her way to the Great Plateau.[93] She goes on to say that his daughter's wings have become strong, more so than her late mother.[94] Smiling, Rhoam thanks her as he heads to the Temple of Time to await her arrival as Urbosa muses that Zelda's efforts were not done in vain.[95]

In the All Hyrule, United Scenario, Purah got the towers working again and managed to amplify their power to bring the armies of every race to Hyrule Field. Riju is noticeably more optimistic and likes the view,[96] as Urbosa lets Zelda know that they are waiting for her orders.[97] With her father's approval, Princess Zelda takes command of the united army and reminds the inhabitants that Hyrule is their home that they must protect with their lives and as long as they are united, they are unstoppable as they charge into the outposts of Hyrule Field to take them over and kill the monsters that maintain the barrier around Hyrule Castle to prevent the Divine Beasts from attacking. With the monsters gone and Zelda's power bringing it down further, Zelda orders the Champions to fire,[98] as Daruk, Revali, Urbosa, and Mipha fire their lasers at Ganon in Hyrule Castle.[99][100][101][102] Despite the Blood Moon's appearance that revived the monsters, the Hyrulean army managed to push through to the castle.

In The Future of Hyrule Scenario, Princess Zelda led the ground army as Revali and Teba led the air force as they rush into Hyrule Castle where they encounter Astor and Harbinger Ganon awaiting their arrival. The prophet is verging upon madness as he rants that crushing the armies and their morale was his fate. The heroes fought the Blight Ganons again and destroyed them for good and they confront and defeat the villainous duo. Astor finally loses it as he commands Ganon to devour the heroes, but as Sooga forewarned earlier, Ganon cannot be controlled by mortals and because of what Astor just did, he ends up being devoured by Malice himself so Calamity Ganon can take form. Terrako becomes corrupted by Malice and attacks Link and Zelda, forcing them to fight back. After Terrako is defeated, Urbosa and the Champions catch up in time to mourn its state with Zelda, as the former is furious and determined to make sure that Ganon is stopped once and for all as they rush upstairs to the Sanctum where Calamity Ganon was waiting for them. Because it successfully reincarnated, Ganon shrugged off even their strongest attacks in battle which Zelda tried to use her power to defeat it. This power brings Terrako back to its feet and it runs upstairs and jumps into Ganon, destroying itself to break down Ganon's defenses and allowing the heroes to weaken it. Link uses the Master Sword to further cripple Ganon enough for Princess Zelda to use her power to finally defeat the monstrosity for good. As the people across Hyrule rejoice and the Champions taking a moment to enjoy the newfound peace and freedom, Terrako's Blessed Screw glows, causing the future warriors to be sent back to their own time. Urbosa tells Riju that she will lead her people well,[103] as the latter responds that it had been an honor to fight alongside her.[104] Princess Zelda gives them her eternal gratitude for their efforts and as they vanish, she wishes them the light to shine on their future for all time.

In the Terrako's Return Quest, since Terrako was responsible for the positive change for Hyrule, with the Champions surviving, the Divine Beasts staying at their side, and Hyrule standing strong despite the fact that there is still so much damage that needed to be cleaned up and repaired, Urbosa and the warriors decide to repay its efforts by recovering its fifty components to bring to the Royal Ancient Lab. After Terrako's assemblance by Purah and Robbie, it appeared to not go well as Urbosa assures them that they did what they could, and the results will reflect it.[105] When Zelda stands in front of it, Terrako starts functioning normally, much to the Champions' relief as it reunites with Zelda. After Terrako's return, it travels around Hyrule to meet with its allies again. As it tumbles into Gerudo Desert, it gets cornered by what remained of Ganon's monsters before they were destroyed by Urbosa's Fury which the Gerudo Champion greeted it as it passed by. Urbosa is seen with the other Champions as well as the warriors who participated in the battle as Daruk pulls them in for a group hug.

In the secret DLC ending, Urbosa and Riju are sand seal surfing together through the desert night. They eventually join the other Champions, both present and future as they interact with one another as Terrako amuses them. Urbosa is seen at the Sheikah Tower with the other Champions, who have each returned to their original attires as their destinies have been fulfilled. They watch Princess Zelda jump off the platform and float away on the paraglider as Terrako joins her. The princess is enjoying the scenery and how well Hyrule is recovering since the war and has more confidence in herself than she did previously. She muses that their efforts of saving the kingdom and the beauty it has to offer are indeed worth it.




Queen of Hyrule
Urbosa was best friends with the Queen of Hyrule since childhood when the latter was still alive, and she was introduced to her newborn daughter, Princess Zelda. Urbosa had believed that she will be beautiful though the queen wanted her to have a life full of happiness which Urbosa saw was unconditional love. The queen's demise had affected Urbosa which had her worried for her daughter, who still has yet to awaken her power, especially in wake of a prophesy of Calamity Ganon's return.

King Rhoam
Urbosa and King Rhoam had known each other for a long time as he had known her to be the friend of his late wife and he has allowed her to take his daughter to her training regime. In Age of Calamity's Guardian of Remembrance DLC, Urbosa commands her Gerudo vai soldiers to slay the monsters attacking King Rhoam and refuses to see him fall. After that, she lets him know that Princess Zelda is searching for him and has grown much stronger than even her mother.

Princess Zelda
Urbosa has been very close to Princess Zelda as she was to her mother and even more so after the queen had died. She is the most concerned with Zelda's well-being since her mother had passed on and the pressure to fulfil her sacred duty being hard on her shoulders, has been a mother figure to her. While she had no knowledge of how accessing divine power works, she does whatever she could to support her in any way she can and has occasionally helped her out in both fieldwork and spiritual training. She usually gives the princess sagely advice when it was needed, and she sees first-hand how the stress coupled with comparing herself to Link has caused her to avoid him and had been hostile towards him due to his success making her look like a failure. When Link visits while Zelda is asleep, Urbosa talked to Link about Zelda's personal issues with her duties and her dedication to reaching that goal as well as focusing on research, in hopes that it would help tie the knot between them in the long run.

Urbosa is also quite close with Link since they first met, and she seems to also be aware that Link is also dealing with his responsibilities despite his many accomplishments which results in him becoming stoic and silent. When Princess Zelda exploited the Gerudo law that denies men entry into town to evade him, Link had consulted Urbosa for help and she teaches him a trick to get past the guards through wearing the Gerudo outfit, but when they saw that Zelda had disappeared, Urbosa promises to let him know if she ever turns up. Given how strained their relationship is, Urbosa lets Link know that Zelda has been found and she tells him about Zelda's personal issues and dedication in hopes that it would set them in the right direction.

Urbosa seldom interacts with Mipha in some cutscenes that they share together, but she notes that she, Link, Revali, and Zelda are young and hopes to help them understand that they are the future of Hyrule. When they are paired together, they each have good chemistry with one another and hold each other in high regard.

While they don't always interact very much, Urbosa and Daruk get along just fine and they worry for the well-being of the younger Champions, and they hope to help them in any way they can to have them understand that they are the future of Hyrule, and they often take the initiative in lecturing Revali when he starts insulting Link.

Urbosa and Revali tends to be a hit-or-miss as they have a different perspective; Urbosa understood how tense Link and Zelda's relationship had been as Link had succeeded at something the latter didn't, while Revali only knew how hard Zelda works at trying to reach her goal and as he never knew the Hylian knight prior to the inauguration, he saw Link as a random knight who was chosen to fight Calamity Ganon because he had the Master Sword and being a child prodigy when he bested adults, given that Revali had to create his power. Urbosa is one of the few people whom he answers to when he is told to drop his attitude as she doesn't tolerate his abrasiveness. Nonetheless, Urbosa never truly disliked Revali and she cares for his well-being has much as the others and will tell him not to be too reckless. When Teba almost says something about Revali after seeing how rude he was, Urbosa tells him to hold on to the thought.

Urbosa happens to be motherly towards Riju after being saved from Thunderblight Ganon. While Riju was still young and learning the ropes of being a good leader after she had been forced to take the throne after her mother's death and coping with insecurities she's going through, Urbosa often lifts her spirits whenever she becomes discouraged by the circumstances in a similar manner to Zelda and eventually her words rub off on Riju when she helped bring Urbosa back into focus.

Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Urbosa appears as an Advanced Primary Attack-Type Spirit that increases electicity based attacks of the user. Her spirit battle is that of a stamina battle pitched against Zero Suit Samus, who begins the battle with a Killing Edge on the battlefield stage of Gerudo Valley that has an electrified ground.


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Voice Actors

Language Name Meaning Voice Actor
English Urbosa Urbosa Elizabeth Maxwell
Japanese (日本語) ダルケル (Uruboza) Urbosa Rei Shimoda (下田 レイ)
French Urbosa Urbosa Laetitia Lefebvre
LA Spanish Urbosa Urbosa Kerygma Flores
EU Spanish Urbosa Urbosa Marta Barbará
Italian Urbosa Urbosa Tania De Domenico
German Urbosa Urbosa Cornelia Waibel
Russian Урбоза (Urboza) Urbosa Natalya Gracheva


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