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Great Fairy






Armor Enhancement

Member of



Breath of the Wild
North of Kaepora Pass in the Akkala Highlands
Tears of the Kingdom
Mount Drena in the Tabantha Tundra



Voice Actor

Jenn Wong (English)

Mija is one of four Great Fairies in Breath of the Wild, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Mija's Great Fairy Fountain is located south of Tarrey Town below the northwestern cliff of Kaepora Pass. It is surrounded by a copse of fall-colored trees, and is most easily visible from the cliff where the Dah Hesho Shrine sits when facing east. It can also be seen from the top of the Kaepora Pass cliff looking down, but it is not visible from Tarrey Town.

To open her Great Fairy Fountain, Mija will request an offering of either 100; 500; 1,000; or 10,000 Rupees depending on how many Great Fairies have been restored to power before her. Once her powers have been restored, Mija will offer upgrade certain pieces of Link's armor provided Link can meet the required materials cost. Link can also find Armoranth by exploring near her fountain, in addition to standard Fairy Fountain materials.

Although her upgrades entail the same affectionate behavior as her three sisters, Mija has a noticeably aloof side that she displays to Link if he displeases her. She is humorously disappointed in his small size compared to hers when they first meet, and she will chastise him for wasting her time if he visits her without the proper materials for an upgrade or for making her wait on him should he ever refuse an upgrade.

Local Fountain Resources

Age of Calamity

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Main article: Great Fairies

Mija is the final Great Fairy battled, in the Fairy Fountain: Battlefield Challenge scenario. Once this is completed, the four Great Fairies become available as a composite character, fighting from a single bud.

Tears of the Kingdom

Mija has relocated to a bud, found just north of the Snowfield Stable.

Serenade to Mija

Main article: Serenade to Mija

Mija has been scared ever since the Upheaval and will not come out of her bud. After completing the Serenade to a Great Fairy, Mastro and Violynne will appear at the Snowfield Stable. Here, Link can speak with them to begin the Serenade to Mija quest.

Link will first need to rescue Eustus. He can be found in a ditch by the road, well south of Rito Village. After rescuing him as part of The Hornist's Dramatic Escape quest, Eustus will rejoin the Stable Trotters. At the Snowfield Stable, Link will need to repair the Stable Trotters Wagon, Breezer, by attaching a board to the roof. After doing so, Link can ride a horse and bring the Stable Trotters to the Great Fairy. They will perform for Mija, finally getting her to come out of her bud.

Mija thanks Link for helping soothe her with music, but she mentions that she had hoped that the person who helped her was bigger than Link.[1] Nevertheless, Mija will still help Link by enhancing his clothing.[2]