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Owner of Bolson Construction (Semi-retired)



Breath of the Wild
Hateno Village
Tarrey Town (Temporarily)
Tears of the Kingdom
Lurelin Village


Hudson (employee)
Karson (employee)

Bolson is the flamboyant head of the Bolson Construction company in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

At first, Bolson can be found working with his employees demolishing an abandoned house in Hateno Village. After prompting Bolson for information Link can put in a bid to purchase the house at a price of 50,000 Rupees! Being enthusiastic and committing to pay even though it may not be possible to do so Bolson will become nostalgic and proceed to offer the home to Link for a reduced price; 30 bundles of wood and 3,000 rupees, which will start the Hylian Homeowner sidequest.

Once this is completed, Bolson's colleague, Hudson, will go to Akkala on a construction project of his own. Link can go and visit him, which will start the From the Ground Up sidequest, the end of which will require Link to return to Hateno to invite Bolson to the town.

After activating this follow-on sidequest Bolson will proceed to offer Link additional assets to his home including: gear displays (weapon, bow, and shield mounts), installations (bed, lighting, a door) and house exteriors (trees, flowers, and a sign with Links name on it). Each of these cost an additional 100 rupees.

Tears of the Kingdom

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Prior to completing the Ruffian-Infested Village quest, Bolson can be found outside Sifumim Shrine.

After completing the quest, Bolson will be thankful to both Link for freeing the village, and the citizens of Lurelin Village for their generosity and hospitality. He then vows to rebuild the village (with Link's help), which triggers the Lurelin Village Restoration Project.

After completing the full quest, a cutscene plays in which the citizens of Lurelin, Link, and Bolson have a feast. After being thanked for his help by the village leader, Bolson claims that all his work was just to repay the generosity the people of Lurelin had when he "first drifted into the village". After this cutscene, Bolson will remain in Lurelin for the rest of the game.