Hylian Homeowner

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Hylian Homeowner
Link's completed home at Hateno




Speak to Bolson


Complete a series of requests to purchase the house and furnish it


A house with a bed and weapon, bow, and shield storage


Hylian Homeowner is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild, in which Link purchases a house on the outskirts of Hateno Village from Bolson Construction


Bolson is available on the south side of a house near Firly Pond in Hateno Village. Talk to him to start the quest.


First, collect 30 bundles of Wood. Wood can be gathered by cutting down trees. The easiest way to gather Wood in bulk is to find a heavily forested area and use the Remote Bomb rune to blow up trees with bombs. One bomb will knock them down, another turns them into wood. Trees may also be cut down with a Woodcutter's Axe or a Double Axe, both of which are often found near stables. There are various areas in the world with plenty of trees. One good farming location is Rito Stable.

After giving the wood to Bolson, the next step is 3,000 rupees. 3,000 rupees may seem like a lot but it will not take much adventuring to get it, as long as you keep an eye out for any ore nodes and blow them up, and then sell what drops from them. This is probably the easiest and laziest way to make money without going out of your way, and can be done while you are doing other things, like collecting Korok Seeds, other side quests, or even the Main Quest.

After you turn in the 3,000 rupees, you will be prompted to talk to Hudson, which will start the From the Ground Up side quest. However, this quest is not over yet. To continue this quest, talk to Bolson again.

This now unlocks the ability to upgrade the home. There are 14 possible upgrades, at a cost of 100 rupees each, and they can be done in any order.

  • Weapon, bow and shield gear displays: Put your currently equipped weapon, bow, or shield on display. This gets it out of your inventory to free up space without permanently throwing it away, and can be retrieved later. This no longer removes modifiers from your gear, as of June 18th, 2023.
  • Bed: While you can pass time at any fire, passing time in your bed will also heal you, and is free, unlike most Inns.
  • Other upgrades are available too, but are purely for cosmetics.

Full List of Upgrades Available

  • Gear Displays: Weapon x2, Bow x3, Shield x3 (Total of 8; there's already a weapon display before the upgrades, making it a final total of 9)
  • Installations: Bed, Lighting, Door (Total of 3)
  • Exterior: Sign with Link's Name, Plant Flowers, Plant Trees (Total of 3)

When all upgrades (totalling 1,400 rupees) have been bought, the quest will finally be completed.

Aside from completing the quest, one of the final steps of the From the Ground Up side quest will entail sending Bolson and Karson to Tarrey Town, effectively removing them from Link's front lawn. Afterwards, completing From the Ground Up will give Link the option to talk to Bolson once again at Tarrey Town, which will send both him and Karson back to Hateno, though this is entirely optional and will bear no consequence on quest progression or rewards.

Completion of From the Ground Up does not require the completion of the Hylian Homeowner quest, but completing it before Hylian Homeowner means that Link has to bring back Bolson and Carson from Tarrey Town in order to complete his house at Hateno Village. This means that Bolson and Carson will end up staying permanently at Link's front yard.


  • It's heavily implied that through this quest, Link is basically re-buying his own house from 100 years before.
  • Albeit Bolson and his crew are shown hammering at the house to tear it down, if the quest is never completed, they don't actually tear down the house ever.
  • Curiously, the flowers planted by the crew right next to the house are highly flammable, which would constitute a dangerously risky fire hazard in real life.