Divine Beast Vah Rudania (Main Quest)

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Divine Beast Vah Rudania (Main Quest)



Complete Seek Out Impa Main Quest and begin Free the Divine Beasts


Speak with Bludo at Goron City


Free the Divine Beast Vah Rudania and report to Bludo.



Divine Beast Vah Rudania is a Main Quest from Breath of the Wild. Part of the overarching Free the Divine Beasts Main Quest, it requires defeating Fireblight Ganon to recover Daruk's spirit and the titular Divine Beast Vah Rudania.


As part of the Free the Divine Beasts main quest, Link is pointed in the direction of Goron City.


Link can begin the quest by speaking with the Goron boss Bludo in Goron City.


Step Description
Bludo, Boss of Goron City, wants to challenge the marauding Divine Beast Vah Rudania, but his backache is too severe.

What's worse, Yunobo has yet to return from the Abandoned North Mine with the painkillers he was sent to fetch.
You met Drak in the Abandoned North Mine, who told you that Yunobo left for the vault deep in its reaches. That's the last anyone has seen of Yunobo...

Mount a search operation for Yunobo, who was headed for the vault.
You met Yunobo in the Abandoned North Mine.

Yunobo hurried back to Goron City to deliver the painkillers Bludo needs for his backache.

You should go speak to Bludo to collect your reward.
Bludo thanked you for helping Yunobo. After taking the painkillers, Bludo was about to go challenge Divine Beast Vah Rudania, but then his back started hurting again. No one will be challenging the Divine Beast today, it seems.

Yunobo has already gone ahead to the Bridge of Eldin, so you must meet him there to let him know about this change of plans.
You helped Yunobo fend off monsters at the Bridge of Eldin before telling him that Bludo's plan had been called off.

You still need to get inside the Divine Beast somehow, though... The best way forward may be to lower the Bridge of Eldin.
Yunobo used Daruk's Protection to act as a cannonball. The Bridge of Eldin has been lowered!

All you need to do now is to cross the Bridge of Eldin and drive Divine Beast Vah Rudania into the crater.
Sentries now patrol Death Mountain to eliminate intruders.

Avoid their notice as you lead Yunobo to the cannons to drive Divine Beast Vah Rudania into the crater.
Defeating Fireblight Ganon freed the spirit of Daruk, Champion of the Goron race. He has piloted the Divine Beast to the summit of Death Mountain in preparation for the assault on Ganon.

Seeing this, a relieved Yunobo returned to his home in Goron City. You should go there and tell Bludo all that has happened.
You reported your success in restoring the Divine Beast Vah Rudania to its true self. Peace has finally returned to Goron City.

In addition, you received the Champion Daruk's might and can now use Daruk's Protection.