A Rare Find

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A Rare Find



Speak to Trott at the Outskirt Stable


Bring Trott some Raw Gourmet Meat


Silver Rupee
Ability to sell up to 3 raw gourmet meats to Trott for 100 rupees each

A Rare Find is a side quest in Breath of the Wild.


Speak with Trott over at the Outskirt Stable, located just northwest of the Great Plateau to begin the quest.


Trott is really tired and feeling hazy from having to work around the clock. He needs some meat to energize himself and in particular, wants to get his hands on some Raw Gourmet Meat.

You can get raw gourmet meat from killing Cold-Footed Wolves and Tabantha Moose in the Hebra Mountains and Gerudo Highlands. Additionally, some travelers, including Mezer near the Dueling Peaks Stable, and Stamm, just east of the South Akkala Stable, will both sell Link some Rare Gourmet Meat for 140 Rupees. However, in both cases, they will only sell the meat to Link as a rainy day special.

The best bet is to wait until Link has the proper attire to navigate the colder regions of Hyrule. Then when searching, the animals become fairly abundant and Link will easily be able to find some of the meat while hunting. There are some other animals that will occasionally drop some Rare Gourmet Meat, including the following...

Return to the stable and give Trott some Raw Gourmet Meat. Trott will be thankful and will give Link a Silver Rupee, completing the quest.

After completing this quest, Link can continue to give Trott some Raw Gourmet Meat, and he will purchase them for 100 rupees a piece. However, Link can only sell him three cuts each day. This is a great deal as other salesmen and vendors, such as a Beedle, will only pay 35 rupees for a cut of Raw Gourmet Meat.


Adventure Log

Step Description
Trott, a stable hand on the edge of the plain, is in the doldrums. The only thing that could lift his spirits is some raw gourmet meat.
Trott, a stable hand at the Outskirt Stable, found color returning to his cheeks for the first time in a while after a meaty dinner.

From now on, he'll pay you 100 rupees out of his own pocket each time you bring him some raw gourmet meat.