A Landscape of a Stable

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A Landscape of a Stable



Speak with Mayro at the Foothill Stable


Find the Tah Muhl Shrine

A Landscape of a Stable is a Shrine Quest from Breath of the Wild.

Begin the Quest

At the Foothill Stable, speak with Mayro, the man who is staring at the painting. This will begin the shrine quest.


In the picture that Maydro is looking at, the Foothill Stable, as well as Death Mountain can be seen in the background. Tucked away in the left corner, a Shrine of Trials is visible. It's a good to take a picture of the painting on the wall for reference. Then if Link goes close to that exact location, where the painting was made, he will be able to see the shrine on the left. The shrine itself is located just north of Trilby Valley and southwest of the Foothill Stable. Once Link arrives at the shrine and activates the pedestal, the shrine quest will be complete.

Tah Muhl Shrine

Main article: Tah Muhl Shrine

The Tah Muhl Shrine, also known as Passing the Flame, is shrine where Link will need to burn down a series of leaves using flames from a torch. At the end of the shrine, Link will meet up with Tah Muhl to get a Spirit Orb.