An Ice Guy

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An Ice Guy




Cook a Chilly Elixir for Guy


An Ice Guy is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Speak with Guy, the Rito sitting beside the lake at the Kara Kara Bazaar to start this side quest.


Guy would like to keep cool and has asked Link to bring him a cooling elixir. Link can create a Chilly Elixir by mixing either a Winterwing Butterfly or a Cold Darner, with a monster part, such as a Bokoblin Horn.

While Guy points Link to the colder regions of the Gerudo Highlands, Cold Darners and Winterwing Butterflies can be found near any colder climate. When approaching one, they do fly away if Link makes too much noise, so it is important to crouch and walk slowly towards them, or use a Stealth Set.

Cold Darners are much easier to come by and they can be occasionally found flying throughout the Gerudo Canyon. Alternatively, Link can just purchase one from Maypin, a traveling merchant who can be found wandering along the path near the Gerudo Canyon Stable.

After acquiring a Cold Darner or Winterwing Butterfly, use a Cooking Pot to cook it with a monster part to make Chilly Elixir. Take the Chilly Elixir back to Guy and he'll give you a Purple Rupee as a reward.


Adventure Log

Step Description
Guy of the Kara Kara Bazaar needs a cooling elixir to beat the heat.

The medicine is made by combining a bug with chilling effects with monster parts. You'll find the bug in question in the cooler parts of the Gerudo Highlands.
You made a cooling elixir by combining a chilling insect with monster parts. Guy appreciated what you did for him.

Your knowledge of the ingredients for a cooling elixir could come in handy later.